1. Introduction

This work is dedicated to those who seek the knowledge of the Truth. It is mainly geared toward the younger generations, which are in search of this Truth and fear they will never find It.

“Seek and ye shall find,” means that whatever there is to be found is there for those who seek it. This is the greatest promise. Only those who truly seek will find what they are looking for.

Nowadays, however, the struggle for survival has become very stressful. In the midst of electronic multimedia bombardment, the truth-seeker is faced with many obstacles that are there to turn one’s attention away and cause one to deviate from one’s path. These obstacles weaken one’s willpower, which, otherwise, will always win if one does not give up and provided one trusts the assistance of the Light.

The purpose of this book is to give a general overview of humankind’s spiritual journey, pointing to the safe paths that each one must individually reach through one’s own struggle.

Life is short. Time is short. There is no room for superficial comments, nor is there the intent to seduce the reader. These are rare pearls that are being offered to those who have the common sense to seek the Truth. Pearls should not be given away to the foolish, but offered to those who are in search of the jewels of wisdom.

The reward is the knowledge contained in the work In The Light of Truth. With this wisdom, one will be able to strengthen oneself inside and reach spiritual freedom: “You will know the Truth and It will set you free”.


I should like to thank the Almighty Creator for having allowed me to indicate though this book a path which leads to The Light of the Truth despite all the darkness which involves out Planet now.

I also would like to express my thanks to my friends Alexandre and Stephen for their dear help with their translation of this book into English.