3. The Birth of Earth

Planet Earth, the celestial body of humankind, was formed about 5 billion years ago by the powerful joining of elemental or animistic forces that worked in harmony with God’s Will.

To better illustrate this happening, here is what Harry von Sass wrote in his foreword to the book O Nascimento da Terra (The Birth of Planet Earth):

“Human beings today have totally forgotten that their homeland, Earth, as well as the whole Universe, were built by elemental or animistic beings that, without fail, loyally carried out the Will of the Eternal Creator.”

Likewise, further ahead in the book, the author, Mrs. Roselis von Sass, wrote:

“We find ourselves in the part of the World of Gross Matter called ‘Ephesus’. It is a part of the World of Gross Matter made of billions of stars. Besides this, there are six other Universes, whose names are: Smyrna, Philadelphia, Thyatira, Laodicea, Sardis and Pergamos. Within these six Universes of the World of Matter there are also unimaginably large numbers of different types of stars. These seven Universes belong to Subsequent Creation.

However, let us focus on the Universe called Ephesus. It's as if someone were speaking to me through my intuition, for I do not hear any words although I understand everything that is being conveyed to me.

Another celestial body is being born. I ‘hear’, and, at the right time, it will welcome human spirits, whose development will take place in the Gross Matter. The new star, which may also be named planet, will later be called Earth. This name means ‘development field’.

The Animistic Beings, through which everything that grows and develops on Earth has come forth, including Nature itself, also look after the respective renewal of each and every thing. Then, at the time when the cycle of a star is completed, another species of animistic beings come in and bring about dissolution. This might take as long as millions of years.”

What does humanity know about all of this? Nothing or almost nothing. Modern Science has drawn itself away from the animistic beings and has thus stopped having contact with such knowledge a long time ago. In this regard, whatever is still left of it has been turned into legends and fables, something far too distant from the real world.

History, in turn, does not reach any further. It is fragmentary and obscure and only goes back as far as 3500 years before Christ, at the most. Its first records with reference to the Sumerian sages of Akkad and Babylon do not identify the origin of this people.

However, our goal is to stress that, for the human spirit, a wonderful development field was built - the planet Earth - equipped with all the essential elements to support life. It was to be a field where only peace and happiness would prevail. And, if by any chance there was to be poverty and suffering, the human beings would be held responsible since they had diverted themselves from the way of righteousness, and, therefore, brought misfortune into this part of the Universe.

There are billions of galaxies that hover about in the cosmos and, in each galaxy, there are approximately 100 billion stars. The Earth is just one small planet that moves around the Sun. It is part of the galaxy called Milky Way along with billions of other stars and interstellar matter, and its cohesion is insured by gravity. The diameter of this galaxy measures somewhere around 100,000 light-years. But, the Milky Way is one among several thousands of galaxies in the large constellation of Virgo – the Virgin –, which is only a small part of the Universe that can be observed. It is by viewing such colossal vastness that one becomes aware of how infinitely small humankind is before the Magnificence of the Universe.