4. The First Human Beings

Nothing happens by chance. Everything was carefully planned according to the perfection of the Laws of Creation, which express the Will of God. In order to reach development, the spiritual seed had to be sent out into regions where the impact radiated by the Divine Power would allow the awakening of a human spirit’s self-consciousness and free will. Such a process is clearly explained in the Grail Message. It is like the parable of the sower that scattered seeds in a field. Many of the seeds were lost. Others, however, sprouted and became productive and abundantly fruitful. Since the unconscious spiritual sparks had been expelled from their environment, they were attracted into the celestial body for the human beings - the wonderful planet Earth.

Below is an excerpt taken from the book The Birth of Mankind, by Roselis von Sass, note: pages 26 to 30 in the English language edition of the book, where she describes how the Earth was formed.

The Earth was the first celestial body that was destined for human beings. It was formed in the part of the Universe called Ephesus and developed into a marvelous kingdom of nature.

Countless of other stars were subsequently born at regular intervals in the gross material Universe.

When the development of a planet for human beings is underway, it remains undetected until a certain stage of maturity has been reached.

Impenetrable gas clouds concealed the Earth and hermetically isolated it from the outside world known as the icy interstellar space.

Not a ray of sunshine pierced this gaseous wrapping. Darkness enveloped the evolving planet. Flickers appeared here and there. They escaped from the glowing heart at the core of the gigantic planetary mass at full luminous power.

However, at a point in time, this stage suffered a great change. The planet seemed to have been shaken by invisible forces. It began to expand. The glowing core, which until then had remained motionless, switched into a mighty, seething restless motion. An almost unbearable tension of expectation spread.

What would happen next? It seemed as though the nebulous planetary mass would explode at any moment.

But, it did not. The glowing core became larger and extremely bright. By means of the expansion that occurred inside, millions of brightly colored sparks, which carried seeds within them, were expelled. They spread out with lightning speed throughout the entire evolving planet. When the time came, plants and animals that became a part of this Earth would develop from those living sparks.

The countless luminous colored sparks spread throughout the planetary matter with indescribable brilliance – brilliance and joy! While this happened, the stellar soul took possession of the planet over which it would rule thereafter.

From this point on, development proceeded more quickly. Nevertheless, long periods of time elapsed until the Earth had cooled down. Heavier particles had sunk while lighter ones still floated on the surface of the phosphorescent, viscous, boiling mass. Then, there was movement inside the impenetrable gas veils that had protectively enveloped the planet in formation for millions of years.

There came a time when lightning flickered within the gas veils. Violent windstorms separated them and quickly brought them together again, piling them up like gigantic mountains. Slowly, the turbulent windstorms subsided. The gas clouds cooled, turning to steam, then to water, as they caused a torrential downpour upon the surface of the Earth. It was as if the Earth in formation had needed to be drowned. The bodies of water that fell on the hot, partly boiling surface of the Earth evaporated immediately. The steam rose and turned into rain again…. For millions of years, these early showers fell over the evolving planet that had been predestined to for the human race.

Little by little, colossal, bizarre clouds were created and could only be seen during this pristine era. As time went by, the hot surface of the Earth cooled down due to constant rainfall. The thickening stage had begun, and the planet began to shrink until it reached its predetermined size. Before this cooling and condensation process, the Earth was twice as big as it is today.

From a certain time on, there was light upon Earth despite the almost impenetrable wall of rain. The sun set forth its radiation. Sun rays through drops of rain! Symphonies of colors were thus formed, which surpassed human imagination!

Each stage of development of planet Earth was encircled by a mysterious, almost unreal brilliance. Gigantic beings of nature who dealt exclusively with the formation of celestial bodies worked everywhere. They worked on the raw material at their disposal until it had been molded into rotating celestial bodies. Wherever the beings of nature were at work, the world trembled under the pressure of their energy….

Despite the continuous rainfall, the evolving planet Earth radiated a tremendous amount of heat. However, there came a time when rainwater no longer completely evaporated. It accumulated in the mountain valleys that had been formed through the compacting and cooling of the planet’s matter. Thus, primitive seas appeared and were permeated with a bright gray mud…

While it rained, colossal gas eruptions burst from inside the Earth at certain intervals. Hills, which were not yet completely solidified, crumbled and submerged into the molten mass. At the same time, blocks of solid matter were being pushed up. Gross matter in formation was always in constant turbulent motion. The incandescent liquid gas seethed and boiled inside the Earth under the elemental impulse of powerful plutonic forces. Constructive chemical processes and changes were fully active. The picture of a planet at its initial stage is that of fantastic and magnificent beauty: plumes of smoke… lava and gas eruptions… blue-green flames flashing through tempests… muddy waterfalls falling into pits that were thousands of feet below… black, shiny rock cliffs as steep as towers stood out of muddy lakes… All these mysterious processes of development in Creation were engulfed by pristine rain that fell from dense cloud formations and shone in all colors.

When the planet had reached a certain stage of development, the millennial rain epoch ended. Then came thunderstorms… The fierceness of these thunderstorms surpasses all human imagination… Lightning could not be seen because the whole atmosphere had turned into a red sea of flames… And, during this stage, thunder rumbled with a different sound. It was like the noise of thousands of gigantic hammers striking metal. Thunderstorms raged day and night everywhere on Earth. During a twenty-four-hour period, there were ten or more thunderstorms that could be heard… After the rain era had already ended, they continued to erupt for millions of years with the same intensity.

After the thunderstorm era was over, there was a great change in the life of the terrestrial planet. It had reached that point of maturity in its development where it began its orbit as an independent planet.

This happened when the seal of the gas veil, which had enveloped the planet during the thunderstorm and rain eras, broke open. This gas veil was a special protective layer that had remained intact even after the gas layer below had turned into steam and water.

To prevent any misunderstanding, the following explanation should be given here:

The previous description of the birth and formation of our planet Earth refers solely to the coarse, visible, and external phenomena. Therefore, it is incomplete! The true story of what unfolded on Earth at that time will remain an eternal secret to humankind. This is because man will never be able to understand the activity of the plutonic forces of the enteals (animistic beings) that are unleashed during the birth and formation of a celestial body.

Although the following description contains many gaps, the reader will be able to conceive a close picture of the formation of planet Earth, which may correspond to his power of imagination…

Among a stream of stars, young planet Earth, with its mountainous surface still far from complete solidification, began its race as it twirled around the sun. In fact, as scientists have already stated, it moves at a speed of 1,800 kilometers per minute. The Earth also rotates at a speed of 250 kilometers per second across the interstellar space embedded in the gigantic spiral of the Milky Way. It also spins around its axis at a speed of 1,500 kilometers per hour.

There is absolutely no deviation in the orbit of the Earth. If there were, this would be catastrophic. All celestial bodies move in orbits that have been planned and carried out in accordance with the physical laws of Nature. They resemble transparent “aluminum” ducts. Under normal conditions, once a celestial body is placed into its predetermined channel, it cannot deviate from its orbit, or be launched out of it. Everything that was created according to God’s Will is perfect…

Darwin captured the sense of the evolution in relation to matter, but he missed a link regarding the appearance of the human species, which was different from any of those living at that time - endowed with a spirit and its inherent free will.

In order to conclude the maturing of humankind, five long periods were foreseen in the spiritual development of the History of humanity. This was to be the peak of man's spiritual awareness grasped by the knowledge that had been acquired through lifetime experiences of multiple incarnations, here and in the beyond.

Below is another elucidation from Mrs. Roselis von Sass's book The Birth of Mankind, quoted from page 38 in the English edition.

The birth of a celestial body takes place when its predetermined time has come, not any sooner, nor any later. This is also true for all the changes and phenomena connected with the fate of a celestial body. The clock of the Universe works with split-second accuracy.

In view of the slow rhythm of matter, a period of approximately three million years was allotted for the development of humankind on Earth. This period had been figured out so that, all human beings who had been destined to live on this planet, could fully and wholesomely develop, precisely alternating in this world and in the beyond.

The three million years were divided into five periods of about 600,000 years each. The meaning of each epoch is as follows:

The meaning of each epoch is as follows:

The first one was called the period of birth! The second, time for growth, followed by the period of maturation, the period of deeds, and lastly, the harvest and illumination era!

Three million years ago, planet Earth resembled a Paradise of tropical beauty. At that time, the hot, unchanging climate that prevailed everywhere favored growth in an unbelievable way. The multiplicity and richness of flora and fauna were indescribable.

Today, the newer generations in the year 2000 are subject to restricted horizons – it all amounts to working, consuming, practicing radical sports, and being sexually active. Nothing else actually really matters, because life, as many want to believe, ends with death – a death that everybody, every minute is reminded of by all possible means. The media turns death into a morbid show, daily driving it even further away from something that should be seen as totally natural in life.

The shadows of fear of what is incomprehensible lie before such fatal accounts, and no questions, whatsoever, are asked about a deeper sense of life itself. Thus, life itself does not make much sense once it is assumed that a person only lives it one time.

This belief continues to bring a lot of suffering for the individual, as well as for society as a whole. It even harms the surroundings. The possibility of remitting a person's faults at will without having to work one’s way upward, in order to “win” a place in Heaven, has made the human being self-indulgent and very little responsible. Instead, the natural path would be for one to understand that life goes on. Furthermore, the faults he or she has not remitted will eventually be presented before him or her, in this life, or the next life, before that soul may make its way up to Heaven.

Everything would have changed if this simple and natural fact of life had been acknowledged. Then, the world would have brought forth nothing but good deeds to humankind. Instead of the present terrestrial hell, we would be eagerly marching on toward the wonderful, so craved terrestrial paradise!

In addition to the enormous economic and social difficulties, the climate has also been taking action against the restless human world. Human beings are now suffering the consequences of their wrong doings, for having been inadequate by not taking advantage of the time that was granted to them for their strengthening and development.

The planet has been undergoing the effects of global warming, which have multiple causes that are often either being neglected or kept from public awareness. The constant forest devastation, the emission of gases into the air, the pollution dumped on soils and into seas, and even the nuclear experiments, all have been deeply affecting the climate. The Earth is facing planetary instability since the ocean currents have been driven away from their natural course.

Consequently, the polar caps and other ageless glaciers have begun to melt.

This environmental turmoil has even struck our king star, the Sun, with an unknown phenomena, which has whipped the atmosphere of our planet with more and more extreme heat and harmful radiation. Scientists do not understand exactly what is happening. The hole in the ozone layer over the Antarctica is said to be getting bigger and bigger every year, and that this hole is already larger than an area four times the size of Brazil.

Many of these critical issues were foreseen by the Enteals (animistic Beings) - the elemental beings of Nature - since the Earth first started to be formed.

“We, the elemental beings of Nature, do not know what darkness or night is! Because of this, those of my own kind work diligently. Today, all of them feel especially happy, as several Titans have been working around the terrestrial globe. A triple protective layer is necessary, so that the human race may continue to live on this planet.

Let us first look at the layer of air. A dense layer of air circles the terrestrial planet. Then, comes another layer that keeps out the freezing cold from the cosmos, as well as the intense heat of the Sun. Finally, there is one more protection layer that is necessary to detain an unknown force that comes from the cosmos. As a matter of fact, it is a form of energy which is by nature hostile to life and that would act in a destructive way upon everything that lives and breathes on Earth.

That was the reason why the Titans had to come since, with their electromagnetic vibration, they were, and still are, capable of entirely protecting the Earth against this unknown force.”

“I’m not so sure about the fact that the total effects of these radiation waves of the Universe - along with the Titan's ‘magical powers’ - are enough to protect the human beings from the reciprocal effects of their wrong doings!”

In billions of years, the Earth continued to grow, and everything fell into place for the final shaping of the great garden - the inn for humanity.

When development stage of matter had reached its peak with the appearance of the perfect and highly developed animal species, the time for the incarnation of the spiritual spark had come - it had to undergo experiences on Earth in order to gain strength and evolve.

After the golden age went by - a time when human beings lived happily like children in kindergarten, there came a time when humankind was dominated by the brain. Humanity was spellbound by reasoning, and people became arrogant, conceited, and wanted to be the masters of the Earth by means of their intellectual abilities.

However, they were actually nothing but temporary guests, not to mention their lack of gratitude. With their arrogance and self-conceit, they only sowed chaos and ruin.

The homeostatic balance between soul, body, and mind had been broken, and the human being was definitely driven toward his own misfortune. In order to get a better picture of what has been stated above, we recommend the entire book The Birth of Mankind, by Roselis von Sass. As a short example, here is a passage from pages 109 to 111 in the English edition.

A long period elapsed before the transformation of man, which was perceptible in soul and spirit, also became physically visible. The consequences of this disturbed balance changed the physical bodies and all of their functions were harmfully affected.

This change was almost unnoticeable. Gradually, human beings began to lose the even proportions in their bodies, and their features became ugly and coarse. The original shape of the human skull, which was supposed to contain two equally-sized parts of the brain, began to show drastic distortions. As time went by, it adjusted to a large frontal brain and an atrophied cerebellum. Men grew hair on their head and bodies. Beards sprouted on their once smooth and clean faces.

Their beards began to worry them because, until then, facial hair had been confined to the animal world. Their women helped them overcome this initial disappointment as they considered beards a sign of strong masculinity. And so, in all the European tribes, tall men, with blond or red hair, were seen with long beards that covered their chests.

Women were not spared from the consequences of disturbed brain activity. They seemed to have been even more affected by it than men.

Up to then, childbirth had been quick and painless and was always celebrated. The child’s animistic mother was honored with fire rituals and happy songs. However, in the course of time, labor became increasingly painful and frightening. And this was not all. Some of the children were often born either sick or crippled, and this is what women feared more than anything else, even more than a difficult delivery.

The children that were born with disabilities did not live long. They were considered bearers of misfortune and were usually eliminated soon after birth.

There was also change regarding death. Human beings, who in spite of their old age, had always been healthy, lucid, and independent until their last breath, became senile long before they passed away. They were infantile irresponsible, and a burden to others.

As long as souls were healthy and spirits were alive and alert, there were neither sick nor irresponsible elderly people on Earth. On the contrary! The older people got, the more the purity of their spirits became evident. Of course, as they grew older, their physical bodies got weaker. This did not affect their clear spiritual vibration, and their sensory capacities continued to function perfectly.

Many things oppressed human beings and hindered their development, which had once been easy and filled with happiness. The golden age was definitively over. Humanity had expelled itself from Paradise, even though it continued to live on Earth surrounded by heavenly beauty. Without doubt, the Earth still resembled a paradisiacal garden, filled with the joy of life of the beings of nature. Nevertheless, it was nothing like what it had been before. The once sparkling aura was now dimmed by dark shadows. And, off and on, a tremor ran throughout the whole terrestrial globe as if gigantic fists had shaken it up.

People felt the quakes and heard the sounds of thunder from inside the Earth. It was as if a strange, ominous danger had threateningly concentrated itself around them. They became frightened, however no one could explain what they were afraid of since natural phenomena had always been a part of their lives, and they had never been scared before.

They could have asked the elemental beings about their fears, but the latter were no longer easy to reach. The elemental beings avoided humans for these once beloved spiritual beings now made them fearful.

Fear was another evil that spread among humanity, and it was fear caused by guilt.

No one was aware of the heavy guilt that each one of the human beings had burdened himself with when they interrupted the essential spiritual streams by overrating the intellect.

They did not realize it because their horizons and receptive capacities had been severely restricted by the unlawful development of their brains. Symbolically speaking, they no longer stood upon a high mountain with a bird’s eye view, but, rather, place themselves in a narrow, closed valley.

Today, our Planet is overpopulated. There are over six billion inhabitants, of which more than half live under precarious social and cultural conditions. At present, the leaders realize that the environment will only provide means up to a certain limit, and that resources will not suffice. The drinking water appears as the greatest cause for concern and a conflict factor among human beings. The cause of the overpopulation is told in one of the books written by Roselis von Sass that has already been mentioned.

However, the water is not a problem on its own. The destruction of the natural human habitat as a result of human greed and ignorance, is evident everywhere: in the forests, in the soil, in the air and at the seas. Everything is being destroyed by the immediacy of those who believe that there is only one life to be lived.