7. The Great Pyramid!

A 150-meter tall pyramid! How were former architects able to build such perfect work in every single detail? How could anyone believe that such an impressive undertaking that had been structured with an intricate series of corridors and rooms could have been built only to provide shelter for the body of a dead king?

Only one pyramid was meant to exist, but the dark side easily conquered and corroded human beings to demean their task. Its meaning ended up being hidden in the complex, false theories, which were orchestrated by the intellect of 20th century man. Thus, once again, human beings have lost the opportunity to obtain true explanation about the spiritual meaning of their earthly existence.

The following is a passage from the book The Great Pyramid Reveals Its Secrets, by Roselis von Sass, who narrates the extraordinary meeting of the wise men of Ereth, in Chaldea, where the astounding construction had been planned.

“Sunrid, the Egyptian, was standing on one of the roof-terraces of the Healing House at Memphis. He was a very tall man. Dressed in a white burnous, he seemed to be very anxious as he gazed at the light of the setting sun. It had been a long time since the sun had last worn such a blood-red color. But Sunrid hardly noticed the strange red brightness which engulfed him. His spirit was listening to a call. Sargon, the King-Priest of Chaldea, was summoning the initiated from near and from afar. He was calling them to attend an extraordinary meeting.

Sunrid nodded in agreement. Yes, he would be there, since he, the Egyptian, also considered the village of the wise-men located by the Ereth stream in Chaldea to be his spiritual homeland on Earth. He turned with a sigh and began to pace thoughtfully back and forth on the terrace.

An extraordinary meeting? What could this mean? He recalled that only once had there been a special meeting in Ereth. On that occasion, the meeting occurred because of the shameless woman who, during a festival, had stood naked on the last step in the Temple. She had proclaimed a “new god” who would reign over the Earth and the Lord of the Sun, until the end.

With a worried heart, Sunrid recalled that event. It seemed as though ever since that day the Earth and the Sun had lost much of their splendor, since the unimaginable had occurred. A large group of wise-men had abandoned the villages of Ereth to follow the shameless woman, who had claimed to be a priestess.

Sunrid gazed up at the stars. Perhaps they held the key to the enigma of why so many people were working so eagerly toward their own destruction. However, he freed himself immediately from all such worries. When he had become calm, he raised his arms to the sky with a silent prayer of gratitude:
“Here I am, Lord of all Life… !”

After this prayer, he went down to the floor below and walked swiftly across the large hall to his private apartment which was at the other end.

Sunrid drew the curtain and walked in. His servant, Horis, was waiting in the anteroom beside the entrance to his bedroom. Sunrid took off his burnous and accepted the golden goblet his servant offered him. He drank the refreshing fruit juice slowly. As he returned the empty cup to his servant, he made a sign with his hand. Then he entered his bedroom and lay on his hard bed.

Horis understood his master’s gesture. After washing the cup, he returned to the large hall and sat down next to the curtain that closed the anteroom entrance. Now, he was the guardian who would protect Sunrid’s physical body, which his conscious spirit would leave to embark on a journey. The confidence his master had in him, an ignorant dark-skinned man, gave him courage and self-assurance.

Sunrid felt strongly attracted to Chaldea. He had hardly lain down when his spirit left his physical body, and in a few moments he had reached his destination.

The village of the wise-men was located by the stream of Ereth. It consisted of several low constructions of various sizes, grouped in a circle around the “Temple of the Sacred Trinity.” One of these low, often round buildings was called the House of Revelations. Thick, carved wooden beams, glazed ceramic plates and rush were employed in the construction of all the houses at the different villages of the wise-men.

Most of the initiated had their spheres of activity in other countries. However, they were always spiritually connected to the King-Priest of Chaldea. At the time the present story unfolds, this land was not yet called Chaldea, but we shall give it this name, because even today it is still connected with the wise-men. They used to call themselves “the initiated.”

The initiated had a sacerdotal rank, but they all practiced some kind of profession. Using contemporary terminology, they could be called geophysicists, astrophysicists, biologists, chemists, astronomers, naturalists and great physicians. In fact, “astrology,” for which the wise-men of Chaldea are known today, did not exist at that time. Those who occupied themselves with astronomy knew, of course, that every individual is under the influence of certain celestial bodies. However, they would never have made a horoscope for someone. Every person must let “his intuition speak for itself.” Only intuition and the respective spiritual guidance were supposed to be signposts upon Earth! The priests of Baal tried to preserve their influence in every way possible and were the first to think of using astronomy as a trap for people. And they were right about this. When they started to make horoscopes, people who had never shown interest in the cult of Baal began to seek them out. Some people would not make a decision of any kind before consulting the priests and their horoscopes. Thus, spiritually indolent human beings became even more indolent. They no longer paid attention to their inner voice, the voice of their spirits.

As long as the initiated did not crave for power and material influence, but were firmly connected to the Light, they also possessed the secret of how to prepare the “elixir of life.” There was always one among them who knew how to prepare this precious liquid. This was not an elixir to prolong life. In those days, the initiated did not long for such an elixir. They knew, of course, that an artificially prolonged material life would cause spiritual stagnation. Moreover, they lived much longer than people do nowadays.

The composition of the elixir had been given to a King-Priest by Asklepius himself a long time ago. In its liquid state it resembled blood and tasted like acid fruit. Frequently, the initiated had to journey for days and weeks, and a few drops of the elixir daily replaced their meals and kept them strong.

This elixir boosted the reputation of the initiated of Chaldea even further. The fact that the brothers could stay without food for days and weeks on end was one more proof for people of their supernatural powers.

For a long time the initiated brothers were the true guides, teachers and consultants to the people. They did not care about wealth, power or privileges. Their lives had been consecrated to the Eternal Creator and were dedicated to unravel the secrets He had set down in His Creation.

The initiated assembled in Ereth once a year, during the period of the spiritual summit. They all made every endeavor to be there at that time.

The days when new force coming from the Heart of the Creator flowed through all the worlds and creatures were a spiritual apogee. The Holy Grail was what they called the Heart of the Creator. They knew that the existence of Creation depended on this yearly renewal of force. But the spiritual summit had already taken place a long time before Sargon summoned the initiated.

And so were all the initiated from near and afar informed that an extraordinary meeting would take place. Those who carried out their missions in other countries received the news by means of entealic messengers.This was how Sunrid received the message.

About two hundred initiated were assembled in the House of Revelations when Sunrid’s spirit joined them. There was still peace and harmony in their midst. Besides King-Priest Sargon, just a few people knew that there were some unfaithful initiated among them — unfaithful in their hearts. But it was expected that sooner or later they would switch openly to idolatry. Here and there, the shadows of Lucifer already darkened the pure brightness which stretched over the land of Chaldea.

The initiated were sitting on low stools looking at an object that was on a large pedestal in the middle of the big room. It was made of ceramic material and was about one meter high. Eight golden oil lamps had been placed on the large pedestal platform, arranged in such a way that the white glazed ceramic object was illuminated from all sides. The longer they contemplated the ceramic object, the more depressed they felt. Pain, dread and the feeling of having lost something forever fell upon their souls like a nightmare. The small ceramic work on the pedestal reminded them of the large model, and of the great birds with human faces and their dreadful moaning cry…

This great model, which they had seen a short while ago, was located in a region of the World of Ethereal Matter. It was a gigantic building, to which their spirits had been taken while their physical bodies were asleep.

The beating of several gongs announced the arrival of other initiated. The newcomers bathed in a stream, at a place where it flowed through a small wood of old incense and myrrh trees. After bathing, they changed their traveling clothes for white linen garments which servants delivered to them. Shortly after, these latecomers entered the House of Revelations to hear what the King-Priest had to tell them.

They all sighed with relief when Sargon walked in. He was the only one wearing on his chest a golden square plate with red stones. The precious stones arranged in the form of a chalice indicated that he was a disciple of Asklepius. The crown, which was related to his office, he wore only during festivals at the Temple. Sargon was also an extraordinary doctor — a physician of the body and of the soul.

Sargon stood quietly next to the pedestal. Deep silence reigned in the large room. All that could be heard was the whisper of the breeze blowing against the fine fiber mat hanging over an opening in the wall. The mat prevented the entrance of bats, beetles and other flying insects. From afar came the faint sound of several shepherds’ flutes.

At last Sargon raised his arms to the sky and beseeched the blessing of the Light. Then he lowered his arms again and welcomed those present, while his spirit greeted those who, beyond the material world, had answered his call. Then he looked around smiling and waved to the huge figures that towered above the House of Revelations. They were the giants, whom he had also asked to come.

Sargon looked at the white ceramic object for a moment, then he said:

“We are assembled here today in order to fulfill on Earth the last order of our Eternal Creator. This task was transmitted to us by one of His four first servants.

This task was transmitted to us by one of His four first servants.

“The last assignment! Can you understand the significance of these words? An oppressive weight struck my chest when I finally grasped their meaning. It became difficult for me to breathe and I felt as though the ground were shaking.”

“Do you think that after this final mission the Eternal will withdraw His confidence from us, the initiated?” someone interrupted Sargon’s speech.

“When I came in, I noticed that this miniature model you can see here in white ceramic, reminded you of the colossal building in the World of Ethereal Matter, which we were allowed to see a short while ago. The master builders of that construction called it ‘The Tomb of The Dying Phoenix.’ When we were led inside, a world of marvels opened before our eyes! Everything was made of strikingly bright crystal. The large rooms, corridors, staircases and even the flower ornaments were made of crystal.

“Lastly, we were led into a large room which was different from the others. As we entered it, we were engulfed by the odor of death. We saw dark, damp walls. And, in the middle of the room, there was a great open coffin. Inside, lay a petrified human being. Even the clothes covering him were petrified. Do you remember, brothers?”

Sargon was silent for a while. His eyes clouded with sorrow and he could feel the dread and unconscious fear of the wise brothers.

“That dead figure embodies human kind,” Sargon resumed. “The spiritual foresight, carried out by the Will of the Almighty Creator, revealed that more than half of the human race now already belong irrevocably to the Fallen Angel. Moreover, this foreknowledge showed us that, although most human beings have not yet completely submitted to the antagonist, they will do so by the Time of the End.

“You have seen the tomb of mankind, in one of the Worlds of Ethereal Matter. That ominously petrified human being embodies the billions of creatures who have abandoned the luminous and pure worlds granted to them by the Almighty Creator, to follow the enemy, the Fallen Angel.

“The coffin with the petrified corpse, which you have seen with dread in your hearts, means that almost all mankind will have become spiritually rigid and dead by the time their allotted development period has ended. The human being, the radiant phoenix, who after every material life ought to strive higher and higher toward the Light, has chosen death and descent into the abysses of despair.”

Sargon fell silent, breathing deeply. Then he raised his arms again and begged for renewed strength.

“Who of us will have abandoned the pure crystal world by the time Judgment approaches?” inquired the initiated of Saba softly. He had been in Ereth for weeks and had noticed that some things were no longer in harmony with the world of Light.

Sargon listened to the anguished question of the initiated of Saba. But he did not know the answer either. Alone, each one was responsible for his own fate.

“You have seen this small white ceramic object. Let’s call it a ‘pyramid,’ ” said Sargon, looking around. “It’s a perfect copy of the crystal construction that holds the Tomb of the Dying Phoenix in the ethereal. In fact, ‘dying phoenix’ is not the right expression in this case, since the petrified human being inside the coffin is already dead.

“The crystalline pyramid which we saw in the ethereal has a gigantic original that can be found in the sublime Heights, in a Kingdom of Light that will remain eternally inaccessible to human beings. This original pyramid does not embody death. On the contrary, it contains the living flame of eternal life!

“The pyramid of this infinitely distant world of Light shines forth with fantastic beauty. It blazes like a diamond in which the red of the eternal flame refracts itself in a millionfold ways.

“Four winged animals stand upon gigantic pedestals in the four corners of this indescribably marvelous construction. These are the animals whose existence was revealed to us long ago: the Ram, the Lion, the Eagle and the Bull. We know the meaning of these animals, which we call ‘geniuses,’ at least as far as mankind can conceive it. We know they live at the four corners of the throne of the Almighty Creator. As the first ones, they receive the force of life from above, from the summit, and pass it on.”

Sargon closed his eyes for a moment so he could formulate in words what his spiritual eye could perceive.

“All I can say,” he began hesitantly, “is that from afar, this pyramid in the kingdom of our Almighty Creator resembles a gigantic red-flaming diamond block! I cannot find another way to describe the splendor and magnificence which is far beyond all human understanding. It is also so far away… this pyramid which holds the flame of life.”

Hardly anybody understood Sargon’s last words, since he had uttered them in so soft a voice, almost to himself.

“The pyramid that contains the coffin with the petrified human being is different. This pyramid is also beautiful and its walls glint like crystal. It’s not so far from us as the original in diamond. The dread and fear which many of us felt when we saw the dead human being should be a warning for us not to become petrified human beings by the time of the end.

“An identical construction should now be erected on Earth, a pyramid of stone! To build this pyramid is the last assignment we have received from the Light.

“The meaning of the word pyramid is ‘crystal in which the flame of eternity burns’! But there shall be no flame of eternity burning in the terrestrial pyramid. On the contrary! Inside it there shall be indications of the decadence and death of mankind.”

Sargon fell silent. He looked at the giants, who had become troubled by his words. The initiated were also looking up. They could all see the giants, gnomes and undines, as well as communicate with them, since these beings are close to the gross-material Earth. Indeed, many other people could also see these spirits of nature.

“We can only carry out our last assignment from the Light if the giants help us,” Sargon resumed. “The measurements which the master builder will have to work with are gigantic. Such an enormous construction can only be erected with their power.”

The leader of the group of giants, Enak, nodded. So did the others.

Sargon thanked them for their willingness to help. Then, he raised his arms, blessing and waving. The gigantic figures vanished.

One of the initiated got up and lit all the oil lamps which had been placed on high pedestals around the room. After the lamps were lit, Sargon started to talk again. The spirits of some initiated who had not been able to attend the meeting physically were beside him now. Among these spirits was Sunrid.

“Six thousand five hundred years still separate us from the time of Judgment of mankind! It is only a small fraction of the nearly immeasurable period of development once granted to mankind. These six thousand five hundred years are the last period in which every human being must attain his aim. But from the spiritual prediction we know that only very few will reach this objective. The human spirit’s eternal flame is about to be extinguished. Rigid human beings will populate the Earth as well as the kingdoms of the soul. The Judge of the Universe shall come to a world where very few but the dead will be vegetating.”

After Sargon’s words it seemed as though the atmosphere in the room had grown tenser. Dread, an inexplicable fear overwhelmed the souls of the initiated assembled there. Only a few were free of this fear.

Horam, the astronomer, who had been standing silently beside Sargon, began to speak.

“The pyramid shall be a prophecy in stone. The beginning and the end of the time of Judgment, as well as the dates of all the important events of human destiny shall be marked on it. Moreover, measurements and ratios of this gigantic construction will carry much information. For instance, it will be possible to calculate the distance from our planet to the Sun, as well as the duration of the solar year and the weight and density of Earth.

“This huge construction will be exactly in the middle of the Earth. A line crossing the middle of the pyramid will divide land and sea into two equal halves.”

“So the construction will not be built in our country?” someone inquired. Horam shook his head.

“Here it would not be in the middle. Moreover, we already know that throughout the next 6,500 years many natural phenomena will strike our country.”

Horam looked at the questioner. When he noticed that the latter had understood, he added:

“The pyramid will be built in Egypt. As soon as the constructor arrives, the luminous guides who transmitted this task to us will show him the exact place.”

At a sign from Sargon, a group of initiated came up and encircled the small ceramic work.

Horam began to speak again, while Sargon removed the thin side walls of the little pyramid, so that its interior became visible.

Exclamations of astonishment were heard. Corridors, chambers and rooms of different length and height could be seen. It was a bewildering sight for them. Smiling, Sargon indicated one point or another on the internal walls, then he explained how they had come to such an arrangement.

“Some geographers and mathematicians, who had been previously chosen, received the measurements and divisions for the interior of the pyramid from the master builders of Nature. With the help of the lords of the stars, our astronomers calculated the dates of the important events for mankind’s destiny.”

Horam indicated a long ascending corridor where many slight structural changes could be seen on the walls.

“Each change shows the date of an event that will happen in the future.”

As he walked around the small model, the botanist of the group found the long red coffin which was in the middle of a large room.

“The coffin is in the Hall of Judgment,” said Sargon. “Its meaning is very simple. When the Lord of all Worlds comes for the Judgment, he will find very few but the spiritually dead and the coffin will already be open, waiting for them.”

In groups, all the initiated gathered slowly around the open ceramic pyramid. They looked pensively at the bewildering divisions and the different proportions displayed before their eyes.

Sakur, the goldsmith who was beside Sargon, removed a small jewel from its wrapping and placed it on the flattened top of the small ceramic work. It was the sign of the Creator of all worlds: two crossed bars of equal length. They all knew this sign. And when they saw it, they raised their arms in adoration, expressing in words what had moved their spirits:

Lord of the Eternal Flame, Thou art Omnipotent! Our spirits rise to Thee, so that Thy Light may illuminate them! We are Thy creatures and we want to remain so until the Day of Judgment!

After this prayer, everyone except Sargon and Horam returned to their seats and made themselves comfortable. Sargon invited further questions.

“Brothers, I realize something about the construction of the pyramid is not completely clear to you yet. Therefore, feel free to ask questions.”

“Couldn’t the pyramid be built in a later period, I mean, closer to the time of the end?” inquired an initiated from Akkad.

“This is what we don’t know,” said Sargon, after some hesitation.

“If we built it later we would no longer have the help of the giants,” observed Horam. “Human strength alone could never manage to build such a construction.”

The initiated of Akkad nodded, agreeing. This was a convincing answer. They all knew that human beings in the future would no longer be able to count on the cooperation of the beings of nature. Day after day burgeoning idolatry widened the gulf that had long ago opened between mankind and the beings of nature, beings who vibrate entirely in accordance with the Creator’s Will.

Suddenly, a strong vibration was felt in the air, and they all saw Enak’s gigantic figure. Everyone, including Sargon, waited in silence for what Enak had to say.

“I tell you, this is the last time that the giants will cooperate with human beings,” echoed the giant’s powerful voice, sounding as though it came from a great distance away.

“At the end of your time, you human beings will stand before our constructions and you will not be able to explain how they were built. Your hearts will no longer know anything about us, for they will only pulsate for the enemy of the Light!”

The ground was trembling. The people in the House of Revelations who had just heard the giant intuitively feared the underlying note in his words. It seemed impossible to them that a time would come when they would no longer know about the giants. Every huge construction and every colossal ruin would surely remind them about the master builders, the giants! Who else besides the giants could ever have piled up stones the size of a house? No, Enak must be mistaken. Their hearts would never pulsate for the enemy of the Light…

The silence in the large room was already becoming oppressive, when one of the initiated asked how human beings in future epochs would decipher the dates and the signs indicated in the pyramid.

“By means of the sacred number which will be used in the pyramid. It can also be called the sacred measurement. Researchers in the future will begin to measure and convert the measurements found into years.”

After these words, Sargon turned to Horam and pointed to some little rods that were beside the small pyramid. Horam picked one up and measured one of the corridors inside the pyramid.

Then, he measured the same corridor again, but only as far as a small deviation that could be seen in the stone structure.

At this point he made a notch on the small rod and used the sacred measurement to calculate the distance to the notch. Each measurement represented a number of years. The sum of these years was the date when a predetermined event would occur.

Horam took a golden measuring cord from the pedestal and measured the length of the little rod up to the notch. Then he walked to the small pyramid and pointed to the corridor that showed a slight deviation.

“Converting the length into years as far as this point shows an event which will occur 1,500 years in the future.”

“I know that all the events are going to take place on the dates indicated in the pyramid,” exclaimed Guil, the initiated priest from Media. “So I ask you what use will people living on Earth at the time of the Judge of the Universe make of this knowledge? They will research, measure and discover the dates. Then they will find proof that important events actually occurred on the dates indicated in the pyramid. But according to the prediction, most human beings will be dead anyway in this far distant time. Thus, what can they do with this knowledge, if there is no use for it any longer?”

Guil had almost shouted the last words. His whole body was trembling and sweat rolled down his brow. The initiated sitting beside him turned their eyes away with dread. He who lost his self-control could easily be dragged away by the currents of the powers of darkness.

Sargon and Horam observed the priest closely. He had been living in the villages of the wise-men for five years now and soon it would be time for him to return to Media, rich with wisdom.

“Listen Guil, the secret of the pyramid will be unraveled before the Universal Judgment is unleashed. Researchers and scientists will realize to their amazement, that events of crucial importance actually occurred on the dates marked on the stones.

“According to their measurements, they will also find the dates for the beginning and the end of the Universal Judgment!

“The accuracy of these dates indicated in the pyramid will be proof to the researchers, that the dates concerning the beginning and the end of the great Judgment must also be correct. The spiritual message lying in the structure of the pyramid will become public knowledge at the right moment, since some of us will be on Earth and it will be easy for us to find the key to decipher the language of the stones.”

Horam’s explanations did not convince Guil. But before he could continue expressing his doubts, Pasur, the botanist, got up and asked Sargon a question:

“Will there still be human beings in this distant future who are able to understand a spiritual message? I’m referring to the spiritual prediction which foretells that the Earth and the next world will be almost entirely inhabited by the dead when the Lord of the Pyramid, the Lord of the Eternal Flame, comes to judge mankind!”

Sargon bowed his head thoughtfully. Sadly, he looked at the little ceramic model. Suddenly, it seemed to him as if it were a tomb, in which a very precious thing had been buried…

“Almost everyone, it says in the prediction,” observed Horam. “The few who don’t yet belong to the dead will be helped! A Savior originating from the utmost heights will come to mankind before the time of the end, in order to help those few who still look toward the Light. If the coming of this Savior had not been planned, there would be only the dead by the time of the coming of the Judge of the Universe! According to our time division, 4,500 years will pass before the time of the sublime Savior. Our astronomers have indicated this date in the pyramid.”

Would a Savior come from the utmost heights only because of these few? This sounded incomprehensible to all of them.

“Couldn’t we simply leave plates inside the pyramid with the dates of the events, instead of going through the difficulty of setting the messages in the hard stone?” inquired Pasur.

“Plates can be taken away and destroyed. However, we shall also put plates in the finished pyramid.” Horam looked at the small pyramid. Then he carefully took away a small square stone that formed the corner of a corridor.

“Here my brothers, look at this stone! The pyramid of Egypt will be made of such stones. Each stone will be so heavy, that only the giants will be able to move and lift them!”

Horam had barely finished when Pasur exclaimed gladly:

“Each spiritual message expressed in such a colossal stone structure shall endure throughout the millennia. Neither renegade kings nor idolatrous priests will be able to change or destroy any of this.”

Sargon nodded, agreeing. He added that the date for the end of the Judgment also meant the end of the antagonist of the Light. Then death shall be overcome by the Light!

Horam made a sign meaning there was nothing more to be said and that the brothers could now rest. Most of the initiated then left the House of Revelations. Some remained, standing before the model of the pyramid. One of them said that the pyramid could also be called the “building of the speaking stones.”

Suddenly Sihor, the seer who was beside Sargon, said:

“I can see the construction site! It’s covered with stones. There’s also a dark ravine. Many heaps of bones lie in it. Not far from the site there is a big river — a river with dense tall rushes. Birds and all kinds of animals have their habitat there. But no path leads there. People avoid this place, the stones and the ravine.”

“Can you see the construction site, Sihor? Are you saying that people avoid it?” Sihor nodded.

“Now this place is avoided. But it has not always been so.”

Horam and Sargon were also trying to visualize the place seen by Sihor.

“This construction is going to be built very far away from here,” Sihor added. Then he also left the House of Revelations.

Sunrid, the Egyptian, remained in spirit beside the model of the pyramid. He had also seen the construction site as the seer had described it. He seemed to know this spot. That gorge! It could only be the gorge where long ago the nomads used to cast their dead. Well, he would go and search for it…”

The prophecy about two Envoys – the Son of God and the Son of Man – who would come to Earth in order to give assistance to the human beings – had been engraved in the stones of the Great Pyramid.

Later on, this prophecy was also part of the messages of other Prophets. However, history has constantly shown how resentful and spiritually unyielding humanity has been when facing the messages brought by Prophets and Envoys of God. A good example of this is how these messengers of the Light were commonly persecuted and scoffed at since they did not abide by the rules that had been created by those who were subject, not only to their materialistic intellect, but also to their limited space and time.

Likewise, things were not any different in the times of Jesus. Nevertheless, they were not less tragic since it was the birth of a powerful religious organization, which had begun to adjust its doctrine in accordance with the convenience of its leaders, who imposed it as being Christ's doctrine.

In relation to the Pyramid, it still remains standing in the desert. But, over the millennia, it has become disfigured in every way possible, and these changes have caused it to lose its glittering significance. After Cheops had taken possession of the pyramid, the misinterpretation of its contents, which had been written in the plates, as well as that of the meaning of the signs began to take place. However, the enigmatic corridors and chambers are still there. The stones carry a powerful message since they show the eroding paths of humanity, which, on the other hand should be clear, spacious, and full of beauty. Unfortunately, however, human beings have chosen dark, ugly, and much narrower roads that are full of danger.

The Great Pyramid Reveals Its Secret is a book the reader cannot afford not to read since it is for those who seek the true meaning and sense that life withholds.