12. Jesus, the Love of God

Darkness ruled over the Earth. Human beings had blocked their way toward the Light and their recognition of the spiritual meaning of life. They had chained themselves to matter in such a way that the Light belonging to Supreme Spiritual Knowledge could no longer reach them.

John the Baptist, son of Elisabeth and Zachariah, learned everything rabbi Sholem could teach him. John foresaw that he had a high mission to accomplish - that of preparing the way for the One Who would come.

As a servant of God, John abandoned man's false knowledge and set forth after his mission. He was eager to carry it out with absolute loyalty.

Then the “promises” were fulfilled. The promises had been announced by the Star of Bethlehem that guided the three Kings. On the other hand, those Kings did not succeed in providing protection to the boy who had been born in Bethlehem, so that he could grow up in peace and acquire the necessary skills to accomplish the mission proclaimed by the Prophets.

It was not Jesus’ death on the cross, but the Truth He granted humanity that reestablished a stream of Light for human salvation. Despite all the love and commitment related to It, such Truth was distorted and altered. Today, It is presented quite differently from what It had originally been. It was supposed to have been a Teaching that guided humankind to “real life” in a very simple and natural manner. However, correctly interpreted, the Truth would hurt personal interests and susceptibilities.

The fact that Mary had “become with child” before she even married Joseph, and that he had adopted Jesus (available only in portuguese)as his first-born was more than enough of a reason for the leaders of temples and religions of that time to turn against Jesus, Whose simple and True Words would put their influence at risk. Therefore, they used this to discredit and promote doubt upon everything that had been announced by the prophets.

The process of incarnation follows immutable and perfect Laws, and there are no exceptions. We will now quote a passage from the December 2000 issue nº1629 of the Brazilian Magazine Isto É:

“The disputes on Christ's History have their roots in events which went on before His birth. The very aspect of His conception – one of the dogmas of Christianity – is being doubted.

Several groups of intellectuals believe that Mary gave birth to an illegitimate son. Of course, there is no proof of that, says the American theologian James Strange, who is a member of a Christian seminary. A long time ago, suspicions about the story of Mary having conceived a child without a father would have been made up only to conceal a spurious romance. That was after apocryphal texts turned up suggesting a relationship between Maria and a legionary Roman of name Panther.

In some Jewish texts, Jesus is even called mamzer, which means the son of fornication, or, in other words, a bastard. However, these are polemic texts that only emerged after the separation of Judaism and Christianity. ‘They apparently intend to simply demystify one of the greatest dogmas of Christianity,’ says Strange.”

Yet, Jesus brought the Knowledge that humanity was so much in need of. In His time, those in command feared Him exactly because He managed to get people to do what He wanted them to in a pleasant yet firm way. He never had to be demanding as they intuitively felt that His advice was true and beneficial. His Virtue was His greatest strength. His presence could awaken the good in people, and, when they were around Him, they felt compelled to become better human beings.

There should always have been one belief alone - that of The Highest Lord of All the Worlds, The Only God of Eternity, and His Will, which is expressed in the Perfect Laws of Creation. Humankind should have been ruled under this one and only true belief and not one that had been invented or twisted by the human intellect. People should have progressively evolved up to the time of their maturity, the time of the harvest, of the illumination. In return, their spirits would have been enabled consciously to return upwards to the Kingdom of the Spirit from where they had formerly been set forth in order to attain self-consciousness.

Let us simulate a simple exercise if you will: Suppose that the Teachings of Jesus had been widely accepted. The Jewish people would have been differentiated with this grace, as well as given the opportunity to move one step forward by welcoming His genuine Teachings into their doctrine, not the ones that were invented afterwards, but the original ones.

“At that time Christ's Message was also addressed only in the first place, but not exclusively, to the Jewish, because according to the prevailing spiritual development they bore within them the greatest potential of being able to grasp It. Reciprocally, therefore, the Son of God could be incarnated nowhere else (Lecture in the Grail Message: "Father, Forgive Them, for They Know not What They Do!"). In spite of this, the Message was meant for all humankind. The Jews were to spread the Message of God to other peoples who were coming to maturity.”

Respostas a Perguntas (Answers to Questions), pg. 95, by Abdruschin

With a richer, and more revitalized belief, the Jewish nation would have spread blessings and good deeds throughout the world, encouraging true ethics of peaceful fellowship among the peoples in obedience to the Wish of God and His Laws of Creation.

So, when the time came for the coming of the Son of Man, human knowledge would have been complete for humankind would have been surrounded by an ambiance of peace and joy. Consequently, the world would have indeed evolved spiritually and human beings would have been able to reproduce on Earth a replica of what life is like in the Paradise of a Higher Realm.

One might suppose that the Prophet Mohammed would not have experienced a dilemma due to the incoherence he had observed among different religions since he had spent his childhood around Christians, Jewish folk, and Arabs. This was because he considered the Christian people too settled in their beliefs, the Jews stagnated in their religion, and the Arabs far too skeptical.

One might say that Mohammed would have embraced such a monotheistic faith, which had been enlightened by the doctrines of Jesus, as the faith would not be stagnant. He would have, therefore, been willing to spread It among the Arabs, as well. In his search throughout his life, Mohammed had felt nothing but deception in the rigidity of those stagnant religions where belief had no wings for a flight toward the true spiritual knowledge.

Judas Iscariot

Could Judas have acted out of lust for money?

It was lust indeed, but not only for those thirty coins. Because of his greed for power, Judas wanted much more. He wanted an upheaval, a rebellion that would turn Jesus into the earthly King of the Jews. Then, Judas, who considered himself as the smartest one, the "most prepared of the disciples," would take control over the way of life in Judah, and, therefore, with all the coins that came his way, he then would become famous, rich, and powerful.

Power and money were his basic motivation. Jesus, however, who had originated from a much Higher World, was not bound to earthly possessions. His primordial mission had a spiritual dimension of much greater amplitude than that of becoming an earthly leader, such as a king.

Jesus was aware of the fact that Roman servitude had forced the Jewish people to awaken from their spiritual indolence. They had remained in this state of dullness instead of having sought constant evolution in their knowledge. The Jewish nation had lived under the false pretense of thinking they already knew everything since they had considered themselves better than all of the other peoples in the world. Nevertheless, the Jewish people had actually reached the most suitable level of maturity in order to receive the Message of Christ. They had the ability to grasp His Teachings and pass them on to other peoples in their progressive, evolutionary process.

Jesus did not intimidate the Romans, but the priests became quite concerned with regard to His simple and clear explanations. Caiaphas, for example, became insecure and fearful of losing his prestige when he encountered that simple, young man from a middle class family, whose wisdom and strong magnetism pleased all of those who came to Him without spiritual arrogance. Instead of trying to get closer to Him in a friendly way, Caiaphas had sent out investigators who, despite their overbearing attitude, had not found any mismatch in the answers they had received.

Judas had immediately recognized Jesus as the longed for Messiah. This fact led him to commit suicide shortly after the betrayal when he had finally realized his clamorous failure. With a deep feeling of regret, Judas had wanted to return the coins and break the deal, but Caiaphas had not accepted his request under any circumstances.

The Christian world made a traitor out of Judas. Nevertheless, the Christians wanted to believe that Jesus' violent death was a sacrifice for the general and unrestricted salvation of humanity. Judas was the traitor and Caiaphas, the executioner.

“Neither was the death on the cross a necessary sacrifice, but a murder, a dastardly crime! Every other explanation is a misinterpretation, which either has its origin in ignorance or is meant as an excuse. Christ certainly did not come to this earth with the intention of letting Himself be crucified; neither does redemption lie in the crucifixion! Christ was crucified because of His teaching, as a troublesome Bringer of Truth!

It was not His death on the cross that could and should bring redemption, but the Truth He gave to the humanity in His Word!”

(The Grail Message, Vol. 2, lecture: “The Crucifixion of the Son of God and The Lord's Supper”, page 434)

If any betrayal had actually been previously planned, then Judas should have been canonized after it.

However, following Judas' betrayal, people have continued to betray Jesus many times over with the changes that were inserted into the scriptures. The original Teachings were consistent with the natural Laws of Creation that express the Perfection of God's Will.

Judas had let his intellect rule over him, and since the intellect is an instrument limited to matter, time, and space, it had suffocated his intuition, which is the voice of the spirit. Thus, he had shut himself out from all help associated with the Light.

Jesus in His Perfection perceived it all with His divine vision.

Judas had been gifted with great intelligence. The good side of his soul had fought to get stronger, but he was conceited about his knowledge. This was the flaw that took away the brilliance of his spirit. Jesus had already realized this and had put in great effort so that Judas would be strengthened in spirit. However, Judas’ haughtiness and presumption won him over. The small, weak spiritual flame was put out completely, and Judas let himself be led by the dark side.

By following his intellect, Judas, completely surrendered to the dark side, which ruled the Earth. Nevertheless, darkness would no longer influence the Earth with the presence of the Light.

In his mind, Judas had planned to obtain great earthly power. This was seen through the Master's eyes as pure foolishness and a sign of weakness of his disciple’s soul.

Judas did not need thirty silver coins. His plan was for Jesus to lead the people into a rebellion, so that Judas could take over. Furthermore, as a result, Judas would become famous and influential, and he would control the government at last.

Judas had encouraged a rebellion and deceived the revolutionary members by acting as Jesus' representative. However, his misleading plot was finally discovered, and he ended up despising the men who had humiliated him with their contempt for his lack of scruples.

Judas was overcome by his hate. Since he was unable to find a way out and could not find the courage to tell the truth to his Master, he contacted Caiaphas, the shrewd priest whose heart had also surrendered to hatred against Jesus.

Pontius Pilate resisted condemning Jesus because he had realized that He was innocent. But Pilate surrendered to Caiaphas' hatred and washed his hands.

Those who founded the Church of Rome, and worked to keep it alive, built a doctrine with many flaws and falsehoods.

Thus, the “real” Jesus has lost all of His naturalness, if you will, since a very different character emerged from the Christian scriptures and teachings, a picture which did not let the real meaning of His coming into the World of Matter be completely revealed.

In the Grail Message, vol. 2, page 545, Abdruschin clarifies:

“In following the habit of those who blindly subject themselves to an unlimited control of their intellect, and who thereby severely diminish their ability to comprehend, they placed the same value on Christ’s earth life as on His Mission. His family relationships and all the earthly events received even greater attention than the main purpose of His Coming, which consisted of bringing enlightenment to the matured human spirits about all the real happenings in Creation, wherein alone they would find the Will of God, which is woven into it and thus made available to them!

It was the bringing of this Truth, up till then sill unknown, which quite by itself necessitated Christ’s coming upon the earth. Nothing else! For without truly recognition the Will of God in Creation no man can find the road of ascent to the Luminous Realm, much less walk upon it!

Instead of simply accepting these facts as such, becoming absorbed in the Message and living accordingly, as the Bringer of Truth repeatedly and emphatically demanded, the founders of the Christian religions and churches created a personal cult as the principal foundation, which forced them to make the suffering of Christ mean something entirely different from what it really was!”

Assim surgiu uma estruturação errada, desvirtuada e sem objetividade, com erros sobre erros.

A new religion appeared before Judaism. It was an ideological conflict that, in the course of time, became stronger and stronger. As both religions antagonized themselves and violated everything that Jesus had taught, they thus began to create a distance between them and the Real Teachings. The conflicts have not brought anything good the intended human spiritual evolution.

Note: Let me remind the reader that these next two passages entitled “What Would Have Jesus Probably Said…” and “The Son of Man” are merely illustrative. For the real facts regarding these topics, the reader should look up the Grail Message “In the Light of Truth,” by Abdruschin.

What Would Have Jesus Probably Said?

We all agree that we are living in a time of considerable creativity. Modern technology is available to artists and enables them to carry out spectacular and quite original productions. Yet, they do not make quite enough of all the positive impact they could because they lack the great intuitive impulse of the heart.

As a simple exercise of creativity, let us suppose that Jesus was here on Earth now in the 21st century. What do you think He would say, as a firm and wise person coming from the Highest Heights? Once again, He most certainly would encounter great resistance among the representatives of the various religious denominations … Let us also suppose that, in the significant year 2000, there in the Holy Land, all seats were taken by the public inside a luxurious salon. At the center, dignitaries of the three largest monotheist religions were present as if there were a god for each one of them with different laws for the same Creation.

Imagine a tall, young man with straight fair hair and blue eyes present at this gathering. Suppose he was attired in a fine black suit, white shirt, and a fascinating red tie that seemed to be from another world. As he addressed those present, he would say for instance:

“What is it? What do you find surprising? Yes, you can see me just as the disciples did 2000 years ago. No, this is not that same material body as that one that was buried just like any other dead body is when a person dies. Just as I came upon man with the appropriate attire of those old days, today I do the same yet I do it according to this day and age. This, however, is not important. Let us deal with more serious and meaningful topics for the human spirit.

Everything is wrong and twisted in today’s world. Everything has to become new! The disciples had been well instructed to announce My Teachings to all the peoples since only a few Jewish people had accepted us at that time. I did not assign any human being, in my name, to organize a religion based on the assumption that the crucifixion of my body, in which I lived my earthly life, was meant to be a passport for the salvation of sinners. Since Darkness cannot stand the Light, its followers will do everything in their power to present obstacles, and so I had my earthly life prematurely terminated before I could pass on many additional and valuable teachings to the people who, in their majority, were not yet able to comprehend the teachings.

It is not important who My real father on Earth was. What is essential to know is that It was My Heavenly Father Who sent Me to bring the Light to the world that was sinking in darkness, so that humanity would not destroy one another before the end of the period predestined for their evolution and illumination, which would only be achieved through the knowledge and recognition of the Laws of Creation. It was easy for me to foresee the overthrow of Man’s power, the harvesting of all the hostilities and pain, as well as the Final Judgment like a “final touch” to be given to all the mistakes that came from the actions of human beings based on their free will, which is inherent in the human spirit.

Mary was Jewish and gave birth to me, her first son. Prior to that pregnancy, all her organs were intact, therefore “virgin”. She was a blessed woman indeed, but she was never meant, at any moment, to become an object of adoration -- an idol for human worship. The same situation applies to the disciples who announced God and His Message through My Words.

I was born on Earth like everyone else but many stories have been invented since that time. However, the most important fact was underestimated. The true essence was the content of my Teachings that were based upon the Perfect and Unalterable Laws of Creation that originated from God’s Will, so that, by following them, every human spirit would be able to gain self-consciousness and mature. In doing so, no credit whatsoever would be given to the Darkness. By refusing to support its wrongdoings, the human spirits would prevent it from disturbing the harmony and the beneficial evolution.

Persecution, hatred and revenge that have been perpetrated by humankind reveal great stupidity and extreme ignorance in relation to the Laws of Creation.

Neither was there enough time to say all the necessary things, nor was humanity prepared to rescue the lost knowledge on the needs and the mechanisms that rule human reincarnation. Reincarnation takes place when the spiritual conditions are ripe for it and according to the Laws of Creation. A shrewd, malicious, spiritually dead, white human being might be reincarnated amid the African chaos. Likewise, a black African, whose spirit craves for superior knowledge, may be reincarnated in a region where there is freedom and the appropriate condition for such a person's spirit to reach its spiritual evolutionary stage. Furthermore, it might happen among Christian, Protestants, Jewish, or Arabs. This is the reason why there is the Law for each and every human being – "Love Thy neighbor as Thyself!". The main idea behind this teaching has never been to place charity upon a pedestal, but to establish a rule for life because he who loves his neighbor as himself will never persecute him in order to satisfy his own greed and personal wishes.

Humanity lives in chaos. People try to disguise it with innumerous deceiving concepts of false happiness that represent nothing more than the harvest of that which has been sown in the course of centuries. The human spirit has grown earthbound and now it can no longer ascend to more luminous regions. It is therefore undergoing continuous decay and is restricting its horizons. This cannot possibly be described as “unfair,” since every person must harvest exactly what he/she has sown with his, or her, feelings, thought, words, and actions.

A great misunderstanding must be resolved. I will not return to the Earth - that part of Creation where the human spirit is given the opportunity to strengthen itself through a transitory cloak, by means of a series of incarnations in the World of Matter in order to recognize the Will of God. However, having been seduced by an earthly inclination, human beings strayed away from the righteous ways and strengthened their own will to please their selfish, greedy desires. They turned themselves away from the Will of God and lost their way. So, they ended up not knowing what to do with their lives as they ignored the spiritual sense and meaning of His Will and were confused by their own mistakes and by the Darkness.

I told my disciples that the Son of Man would come amid the hopelessness of Man. Along with Him, a power of extraordinarily high pressure would descend into Creation and increase the speed of the effects of human decisions. He would bring forth knowledge and strength for those who sincerely seek and endlessly search. I have brought Love and Justice, and so would He. He is God's Envoy like I was. He would bring the dawn of the Light of the Truth into the darkness of the midnight hour for those who seek for It with all the power of their souls. Be aware, so that this opportunity does not pass by unnoticed; for the recognition will only occur if you make use of the inherent ability within your spirits.”

Without a doubt, Jesus would have a lot to say, mostly to those who abused His name and used It as a weapon and a shield with the intention of satisfying their greed and disguising malignant wishes.

“ ‘Holy Land’ is this whole, wonderful celestial body, upon which God has allowed you to live temporarily as guests: For that is what you are, guests, not owners.

You continue to quarrel over small issues such as a piece of land that has always belonged to The Lord of All the Worlds even though you did not perceive that it did. These Worlds were built by His faithful servants – the elemental beings of Nature. You have put aside the most important thing: The purity of the redeeming principle. If this had grown its roots deep within your hearts, neither hatred, nor feuds, would have arisen among you. Whoever ignores the operation of these Laws of Creation, which express the Will of God, will be considered unfit for an everlasting structure to be built in order to please God.

You are pathetic! You are all proud of yourselves! You fight over trifles instead of leaving hatred aside and joining hands around what really has value for spiritual life in this planet in which the Grace of God permits you to lodge as guests and which demands true humility of the spirit.

My message, as well as that of the One pertaining to the Son of Man, is intended to provide the Knowledge for the evolution for human beings – regardless of their current belief because only spiritual knowledge without flaws and with no gaps will enable an appropriate improvement and progress in the condition of a ‘human being’.”