14. And Twenty Centuries Have Gone By

As humanity approached the year 2000, life in most countries was supposed to be quite different from the chaotic emptiness it had become. Human bestiality seemed to have become a way of life while human nobility is gradually disappearing everywhere. Conflicts, violence, drugs, child abuse, misunderstanding, environmental destruction – this is what there is out there.

What has gone wrong with human civilization? Will it collapse? Why? The history of civilization of the Christian Era is almost a story of permanent wars that made the 20th century the bloodiest one that the world has ever lived. Too much blood was shed and a lot of pain was caused. With so much insincerity and bitterness, the hope for peace and real happiness is not greater.

Humanity has forsaken God. This is a sign that human spirituality has withered away. People have been acting mechanically and, therefore, committing the greatest atrocities in order to become wealthier and more powerful. Furthermore, it is very unfortunate that the religious institutions are also a part of the spiritual crisis. This is an outrageous reality since these establishments were supposed to "re-link" man to God and not drive Him away from humankind. However, these establishments have gone after their own interests. These have led them in the opposite direction of the one that was shown by the spiritual Laws revealed by Christ.

Moreover, with respect to the colonial conquests, the Church was present to give a religious character to the pillage of the gold, no matter whether it belonged to the Incas or to any other nation. According to Roselis von Sass’ book "A Verdade sobre os Incas" (The Truth about the Incas) Atahualpa, the King of the Incas, had already heard about human beings, who had mutated into demons because of their greed for gold. However, when a crucifix was shown to him, the King became very angry and was bewildered with the brutal form in which Christ had died on the cross. About the gold? Atahualpa could come up with all the gold he wanted, but he simply could not accept that the Kingdom of Heaven would be open to humanity because Jesus had been cruelly murdered upon the cross. Atahualpa made no secret about this to the representatives of the Spanish Church and was condemned to die in a bonfire for "blasphemy". He had been considered a dangerous obstruction for the Conversion of the Inca people. Nevertheless, before he was taken to be burned at the stake, he was killed by a deadly dagger.

The amassing of great fortune and earthly power became a priority for the people of the Church. Likewise, spiritual indolence gradually began to lead human beings toward a critical limit. Insecurity simultaneously set in.

This is not a problem in Brazil alone, but in the entire planet. In all countries, crises and unrest have come about and have become more noticeable in locations where wars, natural disaster, and serious economic emergencies have occurred.

In this vertiginous, dizzying rhythm, civilization is tending towards collapse, for many unpleasant things are happening at the same time, and the population has nowhere to turn for help. The result is a scenario of pain and tragedy.

Aside from the material problems, there are still those of a psychic nature. These are aggravated by constant and unconscious fear which manifests in an increasing feeling of insecurity.

Incentive toward what is good and noble no longer exists. It is as if we were in a swamp, sinking bit by bit in the mud, in the dirt.

Thus, the economy also begins to crumble. Its margins get narrower and the great corporations start to announce massive employee lay-offs. Such companies appear to be incapable of finding a solution to the matter, causing an increase in people’s feeling of insecurity and fear.

Misunderstandings have interlaced and multiplied. Discord has sucked away people’s vital energy, and has allowed frustration and lack of self-confidence to prevail. This state of affairs inevitably stimulates animosity among human beings who have become unable to understand when someone fails. Each person claims to be right, while his or her neighbor is, of course, wrong.

Such a fact is of transcendental importance in human life because it is present in all levels of human relationship, all the way from family ties to business or government liaisons.

Everywhere, conflict and lack of understanding are erupting in all sectors. Rich countries impose draconian terms on weaker ones. Due to their customary indiscipline, the undermined nations are forced to cover their budget deficits with currency devaluations. As a result, inflation is forced upon the people. In conclusion, their money loses its value in relation to the American dollar, and there is generalized impoverishment of the people.

To meet their commitments with other foreign countries, less powerful nations suffocate their economic growth, but the low income and less prepared population do not stop procreating and growing. The result is the growth of slums that appear overnight in the surroundings of the main cities. This precarious and negative growth is interfering with life and affecting health, education, and safety.

The number of crimes continues to increase. The larger the poor population is, the more Law Enforcement Officers are seen as enemies. With the growth of social outcasts, the presence of any police authority is seen as a threat instead of a welcome to “protect and serve”. This is because the police are now looked upon as a representative of the socially “rich” class. This “damaging” institution can become highly detrimental to the stability of the government, therefore weakening the State, and putting its continuity at risk.

The growth of poverty and ignorance brutalizes all human beings and makes them become violent. In other words, a human spirit that has driven itself away from a life in accordance with the Laws of Creation, becomes a brutalized human spirit, who ends up creating a rough and miserable world where violence has a fertile field to proliferate at random, thus accelerating decadence.

Difference of opinion and conflicting interests are also a fact in rich countries. The government does not always tend to the needs of its people since private interests are hidden behind the scenes of public power. What is likely to prevail are interests that are skillfully kept away from undiscerning eyes and ears… And these manipulated benefits are so common that the view of the common man is distorted before the obscurity of the earthly laws and regulations, which quite frequently contradict one another and wind up in court under skillful judicial representation.

Poor countries are also submitted to the judicial system. The trade balance of these countries presents serious flaws, and because of the agreements they made, they are forced to make unrestricted concessions, while the trade protection offered to "developed" countries is also supported by commercial settlements, as well as other legal paraphernalia that assure them the right to use force without hurting their image as liberal democrats.

The prevailing self-centered interest in the economic activity practiced for profit has changed into an instrument of social reorganization. However, the selfish interest has reorganized human society in such a manner that it tends to dehumanize itself. That does not mean that in the aristocratic society, the selfish interest has become less: it is just disguised beneath an apparent false and dogmatic human paralysis of the spirit.

Ever since cruel slavery was established, it became imperative that, for a nation to become rich, others should have to grow poor and unhappy, and thence poverty expanded throughout the Land, and common understanding among human beings has simply vanished.

A new tuning has becomes indispensable, to dream of a better world constantly improving. Wishing to make the world a better place, with more happiness and beauty, appropriate for a decent human existence. When the human recognizes that he or she is a different species that besides the instinct and the intellect, he or she is also endowed with a soul and an intuition to act with nobility, placing the intellect at the service of more elevated objectives to build a truly human civilization, we shall have reached a more advanced level, of real evolution and nobility of life. Otherwise man will become more brutal in an irreversible way. Then we shall truly live in a self-destructive hell!

“The cause lies neither with employer nor employee, neither with capital nor lack of it, nor is it due to the church or the state, or to the different nations, but it is only the wrong attitude of each individual which has brought about the present state of affairs. Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!”

(In the Light of Truth, by Abdrushin, Vol. 2).

Religion And The Power Of Economy

If we were to look at the historical perspective of two thousand years of Christianity, would we be able to find enough positive information for a research on high-quality living standards in a fair system of wealth distribution as opposed to poverty?

One will probably have a better chance of finding human solidarity if looking back at previous centuries although they will also have been marked by persecution and the promiscuity behind the slavery of war prisoners or that of races as those human beings were considered to be inferior and pagan.

Peasants lived their lives bound to their land. With the sweat of their work, and unable to defend themselves, they endured the luxury and lust of the salons where those in possession of the land splurged their riches on idleness and pleasures.

One should not belittle the powerful movement of the Crusades. After a thousand years of Christ’s death, Rome extemporaneously began the liberation war of the Holy Land.

Humanity desperately needed to revitalize itself with the Light of the Truth, but the idea was suffocated by human concepts. Peasants, noblemen, priests, and soldiers got carried away with the idea of the Crusades, which could result in wealth and land conquest for them. Much energy and many lives were mobilized, but spiritual evolution was not attained. In the end, the Church had managed to increase its earthly domain.

History has shown that, for a long time, the religious power of the Church and the public power of the Government have walked hand in hand. The mass of oppressed people had learned that wealth was dangerous and evil, and that the kingdom of heaven preferably belonged to the poor, and to those who suffered. It was obviously more difficult for the rich to reach the higher spiritual sphere. History, however, is dynamic and unfolds in a logical sequence. The simple logic is that each person shall harvest what he or she sows. In the course of time, economic power has grown stronger. History does not stop, and many facts started to produce the necessary changes and also the negative consequences so that one day, the spiritually active human beings, could become aware of their reality through suffering.

Nowadays, the Government and the Economy are stuck with public debt, and also with the financial administration, and the flow of goods, over which the government does not have absolute control. These two powers should never have put themselves in such a position, for the power of economy associated to the public power is highly corruptive. The public power was supposed to protect the environmental patrimony, as well as the good relationship among different nations, including their commercial balance, and the possibility of a decent human existence according to the laws of Creation. Nowadays, there are global companies that decide what to produce and where to send their “cash flow”. Public power can do very little under these circumstances -- it either subjects itself to the imposed circumstances, or it breaks down.

But the economic power has not taken on any social responsibility. It accumulated power and wealth without keeping an eye on the growth of human poverty while the elite continued to argue about antagonistic theories in the search for power. Besides, big, private enterprises rely on the brainpower of their white-collar employees while the public power has to count mostly on those who do not have anywhere to go, and unfortunately on the opportunists, because… those who did have character… would just walk away from deceitful maneuvers of conquest, or even the expansion and preservation of power.

On account of its spiritual indolence, humanity is now suffering the consequences of a situation where there is financial disorder without any perspective of sustainable economic growth that can fight the worldwide spreading of human poverty.

Religion, Economy, and Power have always been intimately connected and have simultaneously interacted one with the other - always seeking the best settlement to meet their own interests. However, only a Higher, True, and objective doctrine is able to offer an economic system that sustains ethics and morals as a fundamental part of the true evolution of humanity.

Despite the fact that the wealthy society possesses enormous earthly power, this condition is merely a virtual one and has not contributed to the increase of peace and happiness. True wealth has no price tag. It is beyond that which can make life in the planet possible, but it is very little respected due to the fact people can turn it into profit very quickly. The highly symbolic human expectation – “year 2000” – could have been a point in time when a period of elucidation and wisdom could have come about through the recognition and use of the Laws of Creation. However, instead, great disappointment came about due to the ignorant habits of humanity that did not allow it to be any different. It is as if human society had become torn apart and nobody took the matter seriously anymore. It seems as if people are no longer interested in the root causes of problems and the sources of their solution.

Meanwhile, life on Earth is becoming harder and harder. In the twentieth century, we suffered two world wars. The tragic holocaust during the Second War appears to have struck all humanity in an everlasting and cruel way. Everything is getting worse and worse. The explosion of population growth offers two kinds of negative effects: The increase of population puts the pressure on the delicate mechanism of environmental balance, which, in turn, triggers the destruction of nature, as well as creatures of the animal, terrestrial, and aquatic world. Cities deteriorate by the day. Pollution threatens to reduce our natural drinking water reservoirs. Yet, the greatest threat of all is the lack of experience of this overrated population that, not finding means of survival, has become brutal and has plunged into a life of crime. Criminality devastates the world and extends its tentacles in every direction. Suffering and tragedy spread everywhere in all countries.

There is an inscription in the Great Pyramid, that shows a special measuring that indicates dates throughout the route of its corridors. Right around the indication showing the year 2000, the passages get narrow and become straighter and darker, not allowing a person to stand up and walk straight. This warning represents that human beings will be forced to bow down due to the pressure of their failure. They will have to continue looking down and walking aimlessly toward a dead end alley where an empty sarcophagus awaits them.

Legend "The Great Pyramid (Transversal Cut)"
  1. The Chamber of the King
  2. Air Conductors/Entrance
  3. Antechamber
  4. Great Gallery
  5. Ascending Passage
  6. Chamber of the Queen
  7. Descending Passage
  8. Subterranean Chamber (Well)
  9. Excavation of the Well

The lady-author of the book The Great Pyramid Reveals Its Secret reveals the information related to the decoding of the dates inside the pyramid. The findings indicate the date September, 2001 as the last one, that can be deciphered. Many researchers are quite confused about this, but the highlight of such a finding is that this date does not represent the end of everything. It is possible that the dividing line could mean the end of a time when humanity could still be forgiven their actions -- the most serious consequence of human behavior. Therefore, from there onwards, reciprocity would carry on severely, bringing forth the result of what humankind had sown up to that time. It does not mean the very end of everything, but the beginning of a time in which bad sowing will unavoidably bring bitter harvesting.
(The Chamber of the Kings and of the Dates)

Source: "Predicões e Profecias", by Moira Timms, Editora Pensamento, from the original "The Six O’clock Bus", England, 1979.

Even such an evident warning engraved in the stones has been systematically distorted by false interpretation, taking away the attention of that which is essential - keeping human beings away from the Truth.

Thus, 2000 years have gone by and humanity has not allowed the Light to enter their hearts. If great deeds have been accomplished, many others would have come about in an ambiance of peace and harmony. This is what Abdruschin wrote in His the Grail Message:

“ (…) The sacred Mission of the Son of God lay in His Word, in bringing the Truth from Luminous Heights, in order to show mankind their way to the Light! This had been closed to them up till then, because their spiritual development had previously made it impossible for them to walk on the road!”

The suffering thereby wrought upon this great Bringer of Truth by mankind stands entirely on its own!

However, what was quite understandable and natural with the disciples resulted in many great errors in the later religion! The essence of the Divine Message receded far into the background before the personal cult of the Bringer of Truth, which Christ never intended!

For this reason mistakes are now evident in the Christian religion which will lead to the danger of a breakdown unless the errors are recognized in time and through open confession, are courageously set right. (…)

(…) It was the bringing of this Truth, up till then still unknown, which quite by itself necessitated Christ’s coming upon the earth. Nothing else! For without truly recognizing the Will of God in Creation no man can find the road of ascent to the Luminous Realm, much less walk upon it! (…) ”

[Note: Passage above was take from the Grail Message, vol. 2, lecture “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!]

Billions of souls, overburdened with heavy karma, have transformed life in a valley of tears. Now, at the end of the road, the reciprocal actions bring forward mostly pain and despair through the most vigorous and sacred Divine Justice.

In the World of the Light, everything is joy, colors, sounds, and beauty, all abiding in wonderful harmony. But, on Earth, which should be the replica of this World built by humankind, the very opposite has been fashioned: The darkness of lie; the unconscious fear of the consequences of wrong living; the sad fact that most people today lack authenticity and conviction in their beliefs; everything has become false and delusional; human beings have lost their individuality and behave like a herd of animals. The number of those who raise their head yearning to proudly seek the Light of Truth is much reduced.

In the past, the dogmatic handcuffs of coercion and fear of punishment ruled over all. Now, human beings are bond by their conditioned social-psychic ways and are guided by the media at the service of interests that are smaller than real evolution.

Christ's Doctrine was granted to become the Philosophy of Life, which was meant to assist the spiritual evolution of humankind. However, it was used to institutionalize an earthly organization and to cover for religious extremism and doctrinal conflicts in the fight for power and aggregation of wealth.

Amid so many mistakes that were made in search for a philosophy of life, people turned life into something brutal and insensitive, and now humanity has lost its path toward the recognition of “The Light of Truth”, which would enable those who seek it to find their way out from the chaos, leading them to jubilant activities, and an effective spiritual evolution.

Christ's Doctrine was granted to become the Philosophy of Life, which was meant to assist the spiritual evolution of humankind. However, it was used to institutionalize an earthly organization and to cover for religious extremism and doctrinal conflicts in the fight for power and aggregation of wealth.