15. Religion and Democracy

The democratic regime was the utmost system that humanity managed to accomplish. Unfortunately, it is full of flaws. It prevents the public money from being managed adequately, and it is often used for unknown purposes. The Sphere of Power is highly contaminated and powerfully controlled by money. Things are not the way they should be if we consider human education and culture. However, if it had not been for the democratic regime, people would have hardly had the chance to express their ideas freely. This would have made the situation much worse because the monetarily stronger portion of society would have prevailed!

However, freedom must be taken very seriously. Nowadays, a sense of liberty is being claimed without the corresponding responsibility, and it is this responsibility alone that can legitimatize the freedom of decision-making, which is something that is natural to the human spirit.

It is also significantly important that individuals not feel obligated to affiliate themselves to a particular religion, even if it carries human flaws. It is likewise inappropriate for someone to be subordinated to a totalitarian regime that denies the existence of God, which would suppress from that human being the sacred freedom to believe in the Almighty Lord of All Worlds. There is a great gap in relation to this regard that has grown wider and wider in the course of time. The wisdom of each civilization was directly associated to its relationship with Nature and the knowledge behind Nature’s supervisors and builders: The elemental beings. The Greek, Roman, and Germanic peoples were fully aware of the existence of these natural beings. However, in today's world, the elemental beings have been brushed aside to the world of fantasy, where they are only mentioned in legends and fairy tales. The lord of the Sun actually does exist, even though he is not a god. But he certainly is a Servant of God!

Religion should support the wisdom of the Laws of Creation, which express the Will of God. The term “Will” must be interpreted in a much broader sense because, since God's Will is perfect, His Laws, which promote development and conservation in all worlds, are rigorously logical and unchangeable.

In Volume 3 of The Grail Message, lecture The Recognition of God, Abdruschin wrote:

“It is only through the Laws of Creation themselves, which God has given, that the human spirit can come to the recognition of God. And this recognition is absolutely necessary for its ascent. Only through this does it receive that support which permits it to journey steadfastly along the path prescribed and useful for it towards perfection! Not otherwise!”

In order for a proper comprehension of the Laws of Creation to be established, a new kind of humanity would have to be created. The knowledge of ancient civilizations was denied and rated as false and pagan. But, the ancient civilizations lived in complete harmony with Nature and Its elemental beings, and they were solely aware of the natural sense of life.

This “new” humanity would have to consider education as priority number one and begin with the very young. This would enable the children to be integrated into the World of Nature, of which they are a part, so that they would be able to recognize the miraculous beauty of the water, woods, flowers, and mountains with their inhabitants from the animal world that act in the purity of their irrational instinct. The greatness of the Sun and all the other celestial bodies that orbit evenly up in the heavens would be a way of the children to become aware of the greatness of the world in which they live, and that it is a step closer to superior acknowledgments such as the recognition of God and His Living Laws. This “recognition” will bring them closer to the ideal of perfection. Only human beings who seek this perfection will be able to cultivate a true democracy intended for the benefit of everyone without the corrupt vices of power and dogmas that disturb human relationships, reducing everything to the low level of stingy vanity and lack of mystical understanding. We live in a world of lies and illusions where everything is false and deceiving. Only in a lawful democracy would human beings be able to reach the apex of their individual qualifications, using them for the good of everyone without losing any more ground for the darkness of ignorance.

Only the intimate awareness of the Laws of Creation and Their correct use can provide for the emerging of true human beings. This way, they would be able to build their lives on Earth, as if it were a wonderful garden of peace and harmony, in gratitude to the Almighty, in order to undergo evolution and reach the supreme happiness of conscious existence. Then democracy itself would evolve to a system in which the human statutes would be inclined toward perfection for having their foundation built upon the solidity of the Living Laws of God that govern all Worlds. Moreover, they would be considered and respected because they would contribute for the peace and harmony among the nations and respect. These are the conditions that assure life of all species, enabling a healthy and well-balanced existence.

Families no longer get along since they complicate each other's lives with their selfishness, and many times with their strong resentment, instead of offering the solid ground and support, which only sincere friendship can provide. Individuals lead their lives astray in a life of error and vice and incessantly roam through life without a definite purpose.

At work, things are not any different. Misunderstanding and conflict are constantly present, and the atmosphere many times becomes heavy and stressful. Human society lives in a world of appearances. Their acts no longer hold any authenticity anymore even when they practice their religious acts.

Many artists and scholars have frequently focused the existential crisis as a theme in films and plays, when they try to portray the unpleasant and dissonant aspects. However, they have never managed to go deep enough into the matter to show the causes… the real reason for this destructive instability.

Why is this happening to the human being?

“Therein lies the secret of success and continuity, or of collapse. Where something is built on these living Laws of Creation, there they help, bring success and also continuity. But where these Laws are not observed, either through ignorance or self-will, sooner or later collapse must inevitably follow; for nothing that does not stand on a firm and solid foundation can endure permanently.

That is why so much of man’s work is transient when it need not be so. This includes many kinds of cults, which have to undergo continual changes to prevent them form complete collapse.

In the simplest and clearest manner, the Son of God gave to earthmen in His Word the right path on which to lead their lives on earth in accordance with this weaving of Creation; so that through the Laws of God that operate in the weaving of Creation they might be helped, sustained and uplifted to Luminous Heights, and so also attain to peace and joy on Earth.

Unfortunately, however, the churches have not followed the way to the redemption and upliftment of mankind, quite explained and given to them by the Son of God Himself. Instead they have added to His teaching many of their own ideas as well, thereby naturally creating confusion, which was bound to cause dissensions because it was not in accordance with the Laws of Creation, and therefore, strange as it may sound, is also opposed to the clear teaching of the Son of God, although they call themselves Christians after Him.”

(The Grail Message, vol. 1, lecture “Cult”)

A Brief Note About The Sun

The composition of the atmosphere of the Earth determines the ability the planet has to maintain the good balance between “received” energy and “released” energy. It is a miraculous mechanism. As the solar irradiation penetrates the atmosphere, it is reflected back by the clouds. Part of the irradiation that reaches the surface is absorbed by the earth, but part is reflected back into space by ice, snow, and water. A portion of this energy is captured by gases and is sent back down to Earth making the temperatures rise – this is known as the so-called ”greenhouse” effect. This process works in conjunction with the atmosphere and prevents the terrestrial surface from freezing, and, therefore, it protects the existence of life on the planet. It is a miraculous mechanism because it was not invented by humanity, but it works with absolute perfection as long as man does not interfere with his ignorance and stupidity and provoke instabilities and unfavorable outcomes instead of comprehending and respecting its mechanism.

The whole system is of great magnitude. It involves many variables that are so interlinked that people are astonished when they stand before the highly elaborated mechanism that enables life. The seas and their currents are still there, as well as the forests, the formation of the glaciers. The newer generations should be guided from early age about this grandiosity, so that in their recognition, they may grasp the meaning of life. Nevertheless, today's rock music-videos and rock shows absorb all of their spare time and numb their minds and hearts.

Speaking about the climate alone, the Organization of the United Nations announced a one thousand page report elaborated by the scientists who took part in the Intergovernmental Panel about Climatic Changes. As a conclusion, he stated that global warming is in progress and that the climate has become unstable. He also affirmed that there will be less snow, and glaciers in the arctic, for they are not recomposing with the same width, as the layers remain 40% thinner.

All of this is because the population is increasing and the mechanisms are caving in. This is shown by the burning of fossil fuels, destruction of forests, pollution of seas and rivers, and the expansion of deserts.

The increase in the number of explosions inside the Sun is another aspect of concern that has interfered in the process, in conjunction with the harm caused by man, which makes the situation even more delicate.

Scientists have figured out that the Universe came about 13 billion years ago with the Big-Bang. Likewise, the solar system came into being around 5 billion years ago, and that the Sun will continue to shine for another 5 billion years.

But, in the book Livro do Juízo Final (The Book of the Last Judgment), Roselis von Sass wrote that, “the physical structure of our Sun has come to its most critical stage… for the life of every star has a limit.” She continues saying that “the effects of solar eruptions cover great distances. The currents that are set free during these eruptions are loaded with electricity and high activity. They radiate into the sidereal space and reach the magnetic fields of the Earth. When this occurs, they can cause typhoons, tornados, excessive rain, or great drought…”

Scientists have been researching about the possibility of endowing Earth with a solar protector. This is due to the great hole in the ozone layer and the increase in the potentiality of the solar explosions. Actually, it is simply not possible for one to "block the Sun rays with sieves", of with whatever device there may be.

Planet Earth and humanity are amid quite a particular transition period. The Sun is also. A sign of this is the enormous explosions inside the Sun, which cast out hydrogen flames very far away. The scientific community will have to deeply study these visible changes, so that, in the unveiling of the secrets of the cosmic phenomena, they might be able to assist and prepare humanity to adequately adapt to the transformations in development.

At The Breaking Point

The firm desire to achieve peace has never been as urgent as it is now because everything is moving towards a critical ”breaking” point. To begin with, there is an incredible amount of people on the planet that have a messy way of life concerning Nature.

There are too many people destroying too many things at the same time, and that complicates and even prevents the automatic recovery from happening through natural mechanisms.

In the same way that it occurs in the environment, it also happens in the field of human relationships among nations, families, and even individuals in their personal lives.

True peace is what humanity needs the most in these days of so-called affliction, where the thirst for power has hardened human hearts. Many speak of peace, but their hearts are full of shrewdness and covertness.

Thousands of films stimulate violence and instigate the brutalization of human beings in today’s world, where only a few are attracted to pictures of love and peace. Brutal scenes of vile, bloody, and terrifying savagery celebrate death instead of life. In some scenes, the absurdities of some behavior patterns make one feel like vomiting. It is like some people say: “The film is so gross that you get sick of your stomach if you see it.” It is but pure poison for the intellect and soul.

We are eyewitnesses of the systematic destruction of all the good that still remains within the human being. “Respect” is something that has been forgotten. Young boys do not respect the elderly and even attack them. Girls get involved in prostitution from an early age for a handful of money. In other cases, many young ladies are led by fashion and precociously begin their sex life at an early age. They sometimes wind up pregnant in their adolescent years.

New diseases have claimed many victims. Material and mental poverty advance in wide steps day by day. Who will hold back this generation when it awakens from this nightmare since it will not accept poverty and its good will, and will be full of hate against the rich?

Humanity flatters itself with its great conquests. However, here on Earth, we have not yet even reached the everlasting peace and the spontaneous happiness of living - everything has been contaminated by frustration and worldwide weariness.

The population is squeezed by religious groups that care more about their own glow than to seek the correct orientation for their people. On one hand, the dogmas that the humans invented are imposed by force or with extreme means. On the other, there are those who, knowing the history behind the dogmas, subtly eat away the fragile foundations of such religious teachings, where they are definitely unable to offer a solid structure in the knowledge of wisdom. In addition to this, there are the indolent human beings who have not noticed ideological antagonism, as well as those who suffer with this enigmatic situation without knowing where to seek for understanding in the middle of this troubled predicament. If Christian scriptures contain artificial insertions, this should not hinder Christians and Jews from a thorough search of Jesus' original Teachings free from a biased position. Jesus, son of Mary, was adopted by Joseph, the carpenter, but He also was the Bringer of the Truth to humanity. What remained from His message was cut short and is full of gaps. Where, then, can one find The Light of Truth? That is the very question. Reading the Word of God once again in an earnest research, without religious or racial discrimination would be an indispensable option.

Many conquests have been accomplished. Much evil has been perpetrated. The result has been the constant embarassment of humans as opposed to continuous evolution and conquest of maturity.

In the 20th century, human beings have released the HIV virus through abuse of their sexual freedom and also, due to their engagement in substance abuse, there has been mutual contamination as a contribution to the spreading of the HIV virus. The balance regarding the AIDS virus is tragic and shameful because it affects the human species that has turned away from a healthy and natural way of life with its good customs from the past.

Sadly, some people were also contaminated through blood transfusions. These transfusions have also became another put “for sale” merchandise. Sometimes it is even done in a ruthless, careless, and clandestine way depending on the condition of the "donor-winner". The main concern is to get profit with the transaction no matter what. There are also cases of children contracting the disease before they are born. Why does this occur? How can one understand these tragedies? The human knowledge is very restricted. Only the profound wisdom of the Laws of Creation, especially the Law of Reciprocal Action, will enable a person to reach the precise understanding.

Too many resources and too much energy were wasted in ideological battles without glory to show "who is more powerful." If all the energy, money, and effort had actually been used for the benefit of general welfare, humanity would have awakened from its spiritual stagnation. Furthermore, its conquests would have been ten times greater because humankind would have learned how to properly take advantage of the potentialities that Nature, or even better, that Creation has to offer.

When human beings come to realize they are a part of Creation, and also that they should make an effort to recognize These Laws, then everything people were supposed to achieve would have a great chance of success. This is due to the fact that they would be responsibly acting within the common sense of right and wrong. However, by not complying with these Laws, the resulting outcome will be that of attitudes based on immediate response.

The fact is that the masses are being challenged to the limit. The chaotic, social and environmental unbalance, where there is an overpopulated urban concentration in precarious conditions for survival, will lead to a seizure of crimes and contempt against public order without the appropriate means to stop it. The situation will get even more serious due to ethnic and religious conflicts that always proportionally reappear in relation to the increase of the population and poverty.

In less than 50 years, Africa has come to a breakdown. At present, all over the world, things are beginning to happen in a very quick fashion because human and economic pressures are much greater. Many blame the globalization and the new computer science technology. But, the fact remains that human beings have not managed to overcome their own deficiencies yet in order to develop a better world.

The President of Switzerland, Moritz Leuenberger, appealed to Marx and retreated at the time of the French revolution, only to conclude, “there is no real freedom when it is not accompanied by justice and solidarity". We may go even farther to the time of Jesus: "He who absorbs My Word absorbs Me," said the Son of God to His disciples, "He really eats My Body and drinks of My blood."

The message is conveyed through The Grail Massage, written by Abdruschin who clarifies: "But, when such words were passed on, the most important point was always omitted again and again - the reference to the Word which was walking on earth. Because they did not understand it they thought it of secondary importance. Through this, the whole Mission of Christ was misunderstood, mutilated, and distorted!"

Humanity did not understand what the message was. It mutilated and disfigured Christ's Mission through His Words that had come from the Light. What kind of edifice could one expect to see in the future? The recognition of God and the Laws of Creation would be the real “globalization,” that is, the foundation of human edification without hurting the characteristics of each nation by the standardization of the way of life.

It is in the future that a person harvests that what he/she sowed in the past. The inhuman world that makes everyone suffer with its brutal disorder is the world built by the human beings who turned their back to the Light of Truth.

The human beings do not own the planet! They are but guests who do not want to see that the Earth is for the development and evolution of all regardless of color or race. At present, everyone is scared of the threatening future that is drawing near, but the future always holds the harvest of what one has sowed.

Laws of Creation and Human Chaos

The history and evolution of humanity is fascinating! A total of 3 million years have gone by in the vastness of the past. The passages of our "known” past, which are available, do not add up to 6 thousand years. Even so, they are quite fragmentary, and full of gaps, not to mention the inserted adulteration added to it on purpose in order to fulfill the interests of the dominating class of each time in each period, where every nation tells its history in its own way.

Unfortunately, what we know is very little, and also very weakly analyzed, in the sense of the recognition people could have come to when looking at the paths humanity has thrashed to get this far. With over 6 billion souls incarnated on this Earth, the great majority practically lies in total ignorance about the real sense and true purpose of life, and 3 billion of these people live in the most precarious conditions.

However, History is quite rich in itself. Of course we cannot understand it since it has been clouded by useless content. The fate of humanity has in the hands of a nation, king, or emperor who could have, and should have, changed the course of History. This could have been accomplished by changing the continuous decadent trajectory of Man into a new and progressive ascension, leading all human beings upward toward the prominent position meant for them in a world of peace, happiness, and wonders. This is exactly the opposite of what we witness today - two millennia after the time in which the Light of the Truth was offered to humankind.

The "new message" should have been integrated to the old knowledge, thus shaping a broader one, one that should be spread out to every nation, which did not occur. It was rejected from the very beginning by most of the other nations. Moreover, it ended up being distorted and placed as something superior than the old knowledge, which led to many questions and conflicts. For one to understand the present world accurately, one has to go back to the Babylon times, then go through Egypt, study Moses' Teachings thoroughly up until the coming of Jesus of Nazareth. The Teachings of Prophets and special Envois such as LaoTse, Buddha, Zoroaster, and Mohammed later on, all led to the same direction toward the knowledge of the Almighty Creator of All Worlds.

However, it was in these last two millennia that humanity failed the most. Jesus was neither capitalist nor socialist. He was the Bringer of the Light of Spiritual Knowledge. At that time, both the Scribes and Pharisees, as well as Pontius Pilate, Nero, and the Emperor of Rome, realized that, and the Message of the Light was not embraced by humanity as It should have been. What followed next were two millennia of everlasting conflicts in which, those who claimed to be the owners of the truth did everything they could to keep their privileges while humanity slid downwards into ignorance and spiritual indolence.

It is fundamentally important and extremely relevant that every person should study our two millennia of History. After the disassembling of the activity of the disciples of Christ, the centuries of darkness and spiritual lethargy followed until the first reciprocal reactions of that reality came into the highlights. The sketches of this new “spiritual“ awareness resulted in the Reform and the re-appearance of the Protestant groups. However, The Light of Knowledge still remained discarded for the human life that continued to move backwards.

Nevertheless, this was when money came into the scenario and became increasingly predominant in human life as consequence of the growth of materialism. This caused humanity to stride down a path full of obstacles and cliffs, therefore broadening the dimension of the conflicts and devaluing the very sense of life.

Money has become a priority for most people, who have neglected everything else and have exploited Nature with contempt and arrogance. But, money cannot reestablish the damage caused to the forests, soil, air, and water. Environmental unbalance has been implanted, and along with the overpopulation, it only gets worse daily because the activities have money as a main goal, and, therefore, placing Nature in second place. Consequently, destruction is not a cause for concern.

“Nature in its perfection according to the Laws of Creation is the most beautiful gift that God presented to His creatures!”

(Grail Message – Vol.3 – Nature)

The Laws of God, or the Laws of Creation, are Perfect, Unchangeable, Eternal. Everything that exists was created by the self-regulating labor of these Laws, which express God's Will. A True doctrine will only come forth throughout humanity when human beings enable themselves to acquire the knowledge of these Laws and adjust to Them accordingly. It will have to be a doctrine that does not arise from the subtleness of the human mind, which is always distorting everything in search of suitable interpretations to comply with his instant desires. A belief that bears the call for one to proceed on a thorough review as a topic might demand of humankind the correct understanding of the Laws.

Recent discoveries on the genome prove that the human body, the cloak of the soul that envelops the spirit, possesses an identical vital structure, regardless of its color or birthplace. This is more than enough evidence that all human bodies are subject to the same Cosmic Spiritual Laws in spite of the theories and human inventions introduced into their religions.

Hitler, for example, did not suitably use his qualities as he tried to reach his own spiritual course and that of the human species by closing his eyes to spiritual reality. He and his followers became confused by their vanity and followed through fateful paths. In the process of seeking "the superior race", they became spiritually stagnated and cloistered, and this, impelled them to commit vile crimes. Such "search" brought even greater misfortune to humanity.

To recognize the Laws of God, or the Laws in Creation, is the way out of the chaotic confusion of today's theories and doctrines since these have turned human beings away instead of drawing them closer to the Light of the Truth.