16. The Days of Final Judgment

The expression "Final Judgment" immediately creates a feeling of dislike in most people because they ignore that the Final Judgment also operates in accordance with the Laws of Creation. People do not understand and do not desire to recognize the meaning of this era, in which serious events are swiftly unfolding.

In order to provide a more eloquent explanation on the issue, I have copied a passage from Roselis von Sass' book O Livro do Juízo Final (The Book of the Final Judgment):

Why Does Humanity Have To Go Through Judgment?

Why…? In spite of man’s free will, he is still bound to the Laws of Creation, which state that one must reap what one has sowed. In other words, one may act as one pleases; but the consequences of one’s original decisions fall back upon that person, either in the good or the bad sense! This is because everything that person thinks or does is still alive …

The Last Judgment! Even that is a part of Creation! Humankind planted its seed when it started to sin against the spirit, and, consequently, closed itself to the luminous realm.

This happened a long time ago. Approximately one million years have gone by since then… Evil began with that sin. It has been the cause of all human suffering that followed. It also spread the Last Judgment germ, which is described in the Bible with all of its horrors.

Most human beings, especially the Christians, will indignantly reject the fact that they sinned against the spirit. After all, how can it be proven that this alleged sin is the cause of all evil? And what can be deduced from such a sin to begin with?

The sin against the spirit…!

People have a spirit, a soul, and a physical body. Due to its lighter composition, the spirit used to be connected to the luminous realms and higher spirits. On Earth, it guided the destiny of each individual, as well as that of all nations. The soul is only a wrapping of the spirit. It is like the pulp of a fruit that surrounds the pit. The physical body with its brain and intellect is the [outer] skin, or the wrapping of the soul and the spirit.

The spirit used to influence and guide all the deeds of the living human beings – alive in their heavy earthly bodies – according to the Will of God! The intellect, which was linked to matter, was the instrument that fulfilled the spiritual orders and conveyed them in the right sense upon Earth. During this period, only happiness and joy reigned on this paradisiacal and beautiful planet where both human beings and all the beings of nature were friends.

How do we know that the spirit acted as a guide? How evident was it in fact? And just how could man distinguish the will and determination of the spirit from the reasoning of his intellect?

The spirit expressed itself through the so-called inner voice, intuitive perception. This was the spirit’s form of expression. And since humankind had not yet fallen into sin, this voice was very efficient and powerful. Therefore, it would not go by unnoticed. And while the intellect was submitted to the spirit, the whole thinking mechanism worked quite differently than it does today.

For a long time, both men and women allowed themselves to be guided by their inner voice - that of their spirits, and their actions and work pleased God!

Then came the day when people became arrogant and felt great and strong, so strong that they believed that their spirit’s guidance was no longer necessary. Their inner voice had become a nuisance. From then on, they let themselves be guided by their intellect.

And so they let themselves be guided indeed! According to the Will of God, the intellect was supposed to be an instrument alone, and therefore, a servant of the spirit. But, instead, it became a dictator, a ruler!

After the human beings isolated themselves from the influence of the Light, they developed all of the negative qualities that existed. They began to lie, cheat and covet their neighbors’ belongings. They considered themselves clever and intelligent since they were able to muffle the voice of their spirits.

But the voice of their spirits remained so strong for such a long time that it could not go unheard. It warned and exhorted them… and spoke louder than any thought:

"“Your thoughts are wrong! You are causing desperation and destruction to the world! A world that is not yours! You are defiling God’s property!”

Then, the inner voice began to wane. It could no longer overcome the thoughts that were formed by the earthbound intellect. It grew weaker and weaker. Due to its constant rejection, a type/kind of wall was built, which surrounded the spirit like a prison.

At this point, one was free to give into all sorts of base desires in a suicidal fashion. Soon, suspicion, envy, hatred, and hostility reigned on Earth. The seeds of wrongdoing began to sprout and were irrigated with blood.

The breaking away from the guidance of the Light ordained by God did not take place from one day to the next. It was a long time before all humanity became entangled by the fundamental evil, which spread from one human being to another like a contagious disease.

When their life on Earth came to an end, people would die. After a period in “the beyond”, they would reincarnate. However, their contempt regarding the Light, as well as their evil thinking and misdoings had followed them into “the beyond”. These were attached to their souls as a form of karma, which, in turn, would somehow surface in every new incarnation on Earth.

The voice of the spirit had been silenced. The only trace that was left was an unpleasant and persistent feeling of guilt. Fear arose. And from fear, many kinds of superstition, false religious doctrines with their evil [impact], and even cruel religious practice and idolatrous cults began to settle in.

When these types of rituals are mentioned, people may think they refer to those who lived on Earth during the Babylonian Age.

The truth is that the false and cruel religious cults began long before Babylon was even built for the first time.

The period that had been foreseen as the first and most important part of humankind’s development was over. Lovely and healthy human creatures should have populated the Earth. The beauty and maturity of their spirits should have been reflected upon their face, and their work and deeds should have given testimony of the Eternal Omnipotence and Love of God. That is how it should have been if the connection with the Light and Its guidance had not been interrupted.

Because of this separation, nothing was accomplished as the Will of God had foreseen. In its ignorant, coarse, and conceited way, humankind has rushed through its existence - full of sin, torn by fear, and narrowed by dogmas and small-minded religious doctrines. This is how human beings stand before their Creator today.

The intellect, which had been influenced by the realms of Darkness for a very long time, developed itself into a tyrant. It became a thinking machine that uninterruptedly worked and generated forms. Man would have gladly given up his countless thought forms that he himself had created for they had become an overburden to his brain.

And the inner voice! The voice of the imprisoned spirit! Nowadays, very few people are aware of the inner voice and accept its guidance. And these, who may be called the blessed ones, are not the ones who will ask why humanity has to undergo a dreadful Judgment.

Perhaps they wonder if the guilt that humanity has drawn upon itself through its wicked arrogance can still be atoned.

Human beings should stop sticking their heads into the sand so that they are unable to see what is going on around them. Just a glimpse at a newspaper ad or a quick look at the TV news is enough to be exposed to the most wretched acts of violence, as well as the most dramatic unfolding of events. These atrocious facts lead many people to ask questions like: - “How can a human being act in such a brutalized and heartless way?”

Natural disasters also attest the insignificance and fragility of the human structure in relation to the forces of Nature.

Everything is there for the eyes to see… one just has to open them.