18. Epilogue

As I wrote these remarks, I borrowed the sparkle of a few pearls from The Grail Message and other books published by Ordem do Graal na Terra. The treasure – lies in the book of the Grail Message, which remains authoritative. It is available to the true seeker who will be able to gather pearls and many other priceless Teachings for the adornment of the soul once he recognizes them and puts them to practice in his everyday life.

It is imperative that humankind makes an effort to get closer to the Light of Truth. And, those who seek the Light of Truth must do so with clarity of thought, logic, objectivity, and an eager desire to perceive things intuitively. Without these elements, there is no way to gain the strength and revitalization that It bears. Those who try to advance toward It must be infused by this volition, or they will find nothing, and will even run the risk of becoming detrimental to the Truth.

The effort is certainly worth it. The Truth will revitalize and strengthen the spirit, thus enabling it to ascend and to leave behind the chaos and darkness of the material worlds. Human life has become entangled nowadays, surrounded by fear, distrust, and discontent. Only the Light of Truth can set human beings free.

“The Laws that rule the Universe and the reasons for human existence.”