11. Buddha, LaoTse, Zoroaster

The wheel of time moved swiftly. But, upon the Earth, human beings went in the wrong direction as they drifted away from their spiritual life and chained themselves to the gross matter. They began to suffocate their intuition that admonished them to recognize the Laws of Creation, which represent the Divine Will. Instead of recognizing the natural evolutionary course of the entire Creation that impels humanity toward development and refinement, so that human beings could build their earthly lives according to the Divine Will, they developed their own will - a burden of selfishness and arrogance that stimulated decadence in every direction.

People on Earth gradually began to withdraw from life’s real meaning and place their insignificant will above everything else. Earthly pleasures and power always came first. They did not lift their eyes up to the wonderful Creation and look deep within themselves. They refused to ask such questions as: “What is the meaning of life?”, “Where do we come from?”, and “Where do we go from here?”

The teachings of these three special human beings – Buddha, LaoTse, and Zoroaster – were all quite similar in their essence for they all referred to monotheism – the knowledge that there exists only one God, the Highest God, and the Creator of All the Worlds. The human creatures were to do what was good and be aware of their responsibility for their actions and the consequences of such actions.

Narrative sources on the lives of Buddha, Lao-Tse, Zoroaster (Note: only in Portuguese) show great lack of information and are full of contradiction. They lack coherence, convey isolated facts, are legendary and mystical, and have no chronological reliability Information about them is, in fact, quite scarce. In the case of Buddha, most books do not mention that there were three distinct individuals, who reached the degree of "Buddha", which means: He who has awakened in spirit; the illuminated one - the one who has achieved perfect knowledge or illumination.

Of all the Buddhas who existed - Siddhartha, Rahula and Gautama - one of them stands out in a special way. This one was Gautama Buddha, whose knowledge guided his people up to achievements in a higher sphere. He wisely led them to knowledge, and, as a consequence, to worshiping and praising the Lord of All the Worlds in their lives through their actions.

On the other hand, the life of LaoTse is practically unknown. Lao means child, young, and Tse means mature, wise. Therefore, the meaning of his name would be “Young Wiseman” - spiritually adult. The name Tse would only be added to the name of those who reached the position of Superior Lama.

LaoTse, who lived around 600 years B. C., worked in Tibet and China and was moved by his deep love toward his people. He wished to bring to his people the knowledge about Divine guidance. Men were usually overwhelmed with too many tasks to accomplish. Because of their impatience, they let anxiety rise, which brought about misfortunes. They were taught that they should pause and take a break in order to meditate and open their inner selves. Thus, they would be able to pay attention to what their inner voice spoke. Only in this way would they manage to become happy and pleased as they would once again find the path that lead to the Heights where they had originally come from.

There are practically no records on Zoroaster's life. There are even doubts with regard to the date in which he lived. There are also many misrepresentations in the doctrine accredited to him. He is likely to have lived and worked around the year 600 B. C. in the Persian region, the area currently known as Iran. According to his people, Zoroaster was the predecessor of Zarathustra, the keeper of the way, whose activity was destined to make True knowledge accessible to all, Zoroaster having prepared his way. Through the teachings of Zarathustra, the people would be spiritually elevated and would progress. As a result, his doctrine would also be adopted by other peoples of the nearby regions. Little has been found from the heritage destroyed by conquerors. His wise teachings did not remain the same as in their original form.Little by little, they were distorted by primitive superstition, magic, and the ambition of the priests of those days.

In order to prepare the way for the blessed acknowledgment of the Laws of God in Creation, special envoys of the Light were sent down. Each envoy was assigned to his specific people, taught in a language that was appropriate for that time, and gave them the basic preparation and spiritual awareness, so that his people could with subsequent development grasp the complete knowledge about the work of Creation. For further reference, please consult the simplified version from the real story in the works published by the Ordem do Graal na Terra.

In all of the teachings that have come from prophets and envoys, one can clearly notice the great and steady guidance from the Light.

As such, everything would have led humanity to the one and only true doctrine if those human beings had not continuously twisted the real meaning of the messages and subsequently adjusted them according to their covetousness and convenience.

Thus, humankind has thoughtlessly abandoned the countless offerings of help coming from the Light and has given more value to their vanity and self-indulgence by promoting lies and falsehoods that are better suited to their earthly purposes and intentions.

Such misleading conduct has caused confusion and antagonism and broken the knowledge from the Light into pieces instead of unifying it. This has generated intolerance, discord and persecution. Such wonderful teachings remained dispersed and confused for centuries and centuries, and, today, they can be of very little assistance to those human beings who still seek them since they lack the logic and the coherence that are linked to intuition. If humankind had kept its their original purity, there would be no conflict or struggle.

Even the arbitrary introduction of mysticism has brought a lot of confusion and has misled those who continue to seek. However, those who still carry within themselves a small grain of Truth and crave for Knowledge will be given the opportunity of finding the Light of Truth and to leave the shadows of ignorance behind.