The Spiritual Journey of Humanity

from the birth of Earth to the year 2000


Benedicto Ismael Camargo Dutra


  1. Introduction
  2. Twentieth Century A.D.
  3. The Birth of Planet Earth
  4. The First Human Beings
  5. Atlantis
  6. The People of Atlantis in Babylon
  7. The Great Pyramid
  8. Moses
  9. Kassandra’s Rescue
  10. Sheba and King Solomon’s Flaw
  11. Buddha, Lao Tse, Zoroaster
  12. Jesus, The Love of God
  13. The Disciples in Rome
  14. And Twenty Centuries Have Gone By
  15. Religion and Democracy
  16. The Days of Final Judgment
  17. In The Light of The Truth
  18. Epilogue